The OnlineSeats Las Vegas Series: Celine Dion Tickets and a New Documentary

We all know that Celine Dion simply exudes class. Anyone who has had the pleasure of finding Celine Dion tickets for her new show can attest that it is a well-produced set and not a gaudy celebration of nostalgia. Anyone who has purchased her new scent can boast a demure scent that combines sweet highlights with undertones that take you to some mystical forest in Canada. Anyone who has ever met her has had the pleasure of meeting a celebrity who is thankful for the opportunities her fans have given her.

Now, she had been approached by the OWN some time ago and agreed to appear on the fledgling cable project from good friend Oprah. However, Celine Dion is not going to be a reality star. That would be classless. Instead, Celine: 3 Boys and a New Show is a 90-minute documentary chronicling her life as she balances a new Las Vegas show, a new set of twins, a son in school, and maintaining a healthy relationship with her husband, Rene.

The show debuts on October 1, 2011 at 9pm (ET) for those of us in the United States and on October 2, 2011 at 9pm (ET) for those in her native Canada. This documentary will surely be replayed a dozen or more times over October, just in case you miss out on those premiere nights.

I am looking forward to a real look at a busy star’s life. I expect something far less indulgent than Madonna’s 1990 Truth or Dare documentary or Kate Plus 8. If she remains true to the kind of celebrity she has been to date, the one who is performing for the Muscular Dystrophy Association’s Labor Day telethon, then this should be an honest look at the impossibly busy life of a woman juggling three children and a big budget show. Expect to see a woman who is a bit frazzled, but who is able to show adversity and overcome any obstacle.

The OnlineSeats Las Vegas Series: New Fragrance As Good As Celine Dion Tickets?

Celine Dion is back in the news and this time it is not to shut down a parody site lampooning the world famous singer by posting her awkward pictures. No, this time she is back in the news with a new scent, Signature, which is said to have been inspired by her music. So, does this mean instead of searching for Celine Dion tickets to her Vegas residency at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace her fans can just buy her new scent?

Of course not, but they can enjoy a top notes of mimosa blossom, pink lady apple, and juicy guava; a heart of Indian jasmine, rose essence and magnolia blossom; and a drydown of sensual musk, amberwood and sandalwood, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

This is the third fragrance launched by Celine (Celine Dion Parfums was the first and Pure Brilliance was the second). That first scent has earned $850 million since becoming available since 2003. Those numbers are astounding, as Marsha Brooks, the vice president of global marketing and fragrances with Coty Beauty, notes that most celebrity scents see their sales dissipate quickly.

So there you have it, the woman who changed the way Las Vegas views its headliners and who helped bring adult contemporary to the Top 40 pop radio stations has also been able to dominate the fragrance world. One must ask himself or herself, is there anything Celine cannot do?

I suggest she next take on a completely new field next. She already dabbled in the restaurant business and a clothing line is a little too predictable. Perhaps start her own automobile line or a rapid-fire paint ball gun line. She can promise nice smooth long lines or hit after hit and we can all find a semblance between her product and her music and incredible career.

Celine Dion Tickets for Oprah at the Daytime Emmy Awards

Celine Dion is truly a class act and it is refreshing to state that on her 30th anniversary in show business. Last night, she took to the stage to perform for the hundreds who came to Las Vegas with Celine Dion tickets to see her sing at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace. Unfortunately, performing meant she had to miss the Daytime Emmy Awards, held at the Las Vegas Hilton. This would not be such an issue, but this particular year is the year the show honored Oprah in her final year on television.

Celine would not miss a chance to honor her friend though, a friend who invited her on so that she could announce her new Vegas show so many months ago. No, Celine took a break, invited a camera crew into the theater and dedicated “Because you Loved Me” to Oprah live from her show.

While Oprah is retiring, Celine Dion is continuing to perform. She began her three year residency on March 15, 2011 and plans to play 70 concert dates a year over that time. Celine Dion’s Las Vegas show has already proven to be just as dominant a show as it was the first time around.

Really diehard Celine Dion fans just need to know when the show is playing, and below I have listed the remaining concert dates through January 2012:

June 2011
June 21
June 22
June 25
June 26
June 26
June 28
June 29
July 2011
July 1
July 2
July 3
July 19
July 20
July 24
July 26
July 27
July 30
August 2011
August 2
August 3
August 9
August 10
August 12
August 14
December 2011
December 28
December 30
December 31
January 2012
January 3
January 4
January 7
January 8
January 10
January 11
January 14
January 15
January 17
January 18
January 20
January 21
January 22