Bieber is the new Justin

I think Bieber has officially become the new “Justin”. Just go to Google and news search for Justin Bieber.

I find out his views for the single “Baby” have surpassed the Lady Gaga’s much talked about numbers for “Bad Romance” from USA Today. I find out he is scheduled to take part in a dance off with Shaq from the New York Daily News. I find out he is to star in his own movie from Teen Vogue (kind of like Eminem’s 8 Mile, but far more family friendly I’m sure without Kim Basinger as a MILF).

He is even hanging out with Kim Kardashian on a beach in the Bahamas and at restaurant in Los Angeles, inspiring chemically-imbalanced teenage fans to write death threats to the sultry E! star. I’m sure the latest photos of the two sitting together outside Pinkberry with her and a plunging neckline will simply inspire more venomous tweets (I’m going to guess Kim is doing this for the publicity and the Bieb is there for the décolletage.)

Justin Bieber has already proved he can dance, turn raunchy lyrics into parent-approved bubble gum chart toppers, and host Saturday Night Live. All that is left to take over the naming rights is a Hollywood-approved girlfriend, a hilarious series of television adds with a professional athlete, and a spoof music video with Andy Samberg.

Oddly enough, this blossoming “friendship” with Kim Kardashian can help him complete the checklist. He could start dating Kim’s little sister Kendall Jenner (she has a modeling contract and I’m sure will soon be pursuing her lifelong interest in music), hook up with Tony Romo through Kim’s latest NFL connection Miles Austin, and I’m sure he and Andy could come up with some take on his tabloid connection to a strictly tabloid star.