A Trump Wedding

Tragedy strikes while setting up for Madonna’s “Sticky and Sweet” concert in Marseille France. While erecting the stage for Madonna’s performance it somehow collapsed and killed a 53 year old French man and injured six other people with two of those people receiving serious injuries. At this point it is unknown what exactly caused the accident. The show which was scheduled for this Sunday has been cancelled. Madonna released a statement, “I am devastated to have just received this tragic news. My prayers go out to those who were injured and their families along with my deepest sympathy to all those affected by this heartbreaking news.”

Good news and bad news for some couples. Starting with the good news….Donald Trump’s lovely daughter Ivanka got engaged last night to her boyfriend of two years, Jared Kushner.  Kushner also comes from a wealthy family and is also very ambitious like Ivanka. Jared comes from a Jewish family and Ivanka is taking the steps to convert to Judaism. Ivanka is 27 and Jared is 28 and the two are very happy. Ivanka sent out a twitter last night stating, “I got engaged last night…truly the happiest day of my life!!!” Now the bad news which I know will not come as a huge surprise. Amy Winehouse and her husband of two years have officially split and have been granted a divorce by a judge in London this morning. In the divorce papers Blake Fielder – Civil, Amy’s ex stated that “living with Winehouse was intolerable”. Once can only imagine from the glimpse into her life what that really means. Amy even admitted that she had an affair back in 2008. The woman is just a train wreck, so like I said divorce is always sad but in her case not a big surprise.

IT has just been announced that this year Farm Aid concert will be held on October 4th in St. Louis Missouri. This will be the first time that the concert will be held in St. Louis. Farm Aid started back in 1985 and has raised almost $35 million to help struggling farmers keep their land.   So far the lineup includes Willie Nelson, Neil Young, John Mellencamp and Dave Matthews and more performers will be announced in the coming weeks.

The Emmy’s are coming the Emmy’s are coming. We know the host is Neil Patrick Harris, and now we know the nominees. They were announced today and the live show will air September 20th on CBS. Here are a few of the highlights.  Starting with Outstanding Comedy Series, the nominees are…”Entourage”, “Weeds”, “How I Met Your Mother”, “Flight of the Concord”, “30 Rock”,” The Office” and “Family Guy”. In the category for Outstanding Drama Series, the nominees are…”Big Love”, “Dexter”, “House”, “Damages”, “Mad Men”, “Breaking Bad” and “Lost”. Outstanding Reality – Competition Program nominees are…”Top Chef”, “Project Runway”, “Amazing Race”,” Dancing with the Stars”, and “American Idol”. Oh I have to say that is a tough category, there are a lot of good ones in that one, although what happened to “Survivor”??? There was a big snub in this next category…do you see it? The category is Outstanding Variety, Music or Comedy Series. Here are the nominees…”The Daily Show with Jon Stewart”, “Real Time with Bill Maher”, “The Colbert Report”, “Late Show With David Letterman” and “Saturday Night Live”. Did you guess the snub? If you guessed “The Tonight show with Jay Leno” you would be correct. Interesting huh? Outstanding Actor in a Comedy Series…Steve Carell for “The Office”, Tony Shalhoub for “Monk”, Jemaine Clement for “Flight of the Conchords”, Jim Parson for “The Big Bang Theory”, Alec Baldwin for “30 Rock” and Charlie Sheen for “Two and A Half Men”. Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series…Sarah Silverman for “The Sarah Silverman Program”, Mary -  Louise Parker for “Weeds”, Julia Louis-Dreyfus for “The New Adventures of Old Christine”, Toni Collette for “United States of Tara”, Christina Applegate for “Samantha Who?” and Tina Fey for “30 Rock”. Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series…Hugh Laurie for “House”, Michael C. Hall for “Dexter”, Simon Baker for “The Mentalist”, Gabriel Byrne for “In Treatment”, Bryan Cranston for “Breaking Bad” and Jon Hamm for “Mad Men”. Last but not least Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series… Mariska Hargitay for “Law & Order: SVU”, Kyra Sedgwick for “The Closer”, Holly Hunter for “Saving Grace”, Sally Field for “Brothers and Sisters”, Elizabeth Moss for “Mad Men” and Glenn Close for “Damages”. For all the other categories check out the full list of Emmy Nominations at the Official Emmy Website. Just going through all those shows and stars makes me so excited for the new fall lineup. I can only watch “Wipe Out” for so long!      

Mia Farrow’s Brothers Untimely Death

So here is something I bet you didn’t know…there are 18 professional Britney Spears impersonators throughout the world. Who knew? One in particular is talking to the press…her name is Lorna Bliss and she basically is living Britney’s life as her own.  She has been doing this for the past 10 years and has spent over $220,000 to look like the real thing. Over the years she has spent thousands on costumes, makeup and hair extensions not to mention dance routines, choreographers and the agency she works full time for.  In the early days it was a lot harder but now she is constantly busy doing appearances and performances, even running from the media and signing autographs. She even gains weight and loses weight depending on what the pop princess is up too. Next on Lorna’s list to be even more like the real Brit Brit…she is going to get the exact same tattoos that Britney has and there are 9 of them. She says she is glad Britney has gotten her life back on track because even when things were not going good for her Lorna matched that part of her life as well. For example…she copied the whole shaving the head experience and even acted crazy like growling at the photographers and running after them. You have to admit it must not be easy trying to follow in those footsteps. Such an interesting career choice for someone to choose don’t you think?

Sad news for actress Mia Farrow…her brother Patrick Farrow, 66 was found dead in his home in Vermont. His body is currently waiting to be autopsied because the police have said that “the death is considered suspicious.” Things just don’t seem to be adding up in the explanation of his death. This is another terrible loss for the actress who just lost a 35 year old daughter, Lark Previn 6 months ago to a long time illness. Patrick has lived in Vermont for 30 years and has spent his time in the art world operating the Farrow Gallery. Patrick was a sculptor and over the years has won national awards for his work.

There are rumors swirling all around about the possibility of Katie Holmes performing on the FOX show, “So You Think You Can Dance?” The only thing that can be confirmed is that she has indeed met with the executive producer form the show, but that is all that is known. Although she has been spotted dancing at the CBS studios a rep says that when she is in town she rehearses there. Katie is currently performing on Broadway in “All My Son’s”. So who knows? In my opinion, I would wonder why she was going to choose to dance on TV. Why choose this venue, and honestly, she is Katie Holmes. I mean really…no disrespect to the show…but she is an actress on the big screen and Broadway, why put herself through it? Just my opinion.

If you are a Fergie fan you have to check out the new July issue of “Allure” magazine. The woman is hot! And what is so funny is that she talks about what she does in the bedroom with equally hot husband Josh Duhamel. I think basically all she would need to do is show up and that would be considered hot in and of itself. Fergie does go on to say that she is a big fan of dressing up, both on stage and in the bedroom.  I addition to touring with the Black Eyed Peas, she is also in a new movie with Penelope Cruz called “Nine”, and the two had to gain 17 pounds for the movie. They two stars ate and ate but then of course had to take it all off which was not fun. All I have to say is that she indeed lost all the weight and probably then some, and she is one hot little Black Eyed Pea!        

New Reality Show for Jessica Simpson

Here comes another new reality TV show and this one is being spear headed by Jessica Simpson. After the ordeal she went through personally when she wore those high waited unflattering jeans and the “body bullying” she experienced she has come up with the idea for her new show. At the moment the title is “The Price of Beauty. The plan is that she would travel around the world in order to find out “what people find beautiful and why”. She would take a friend and they would head out on this great road trip and find the answers to these questions. They would also delve into taking a look at some of the outrageous things women go through and do to themselves to look beautiful. Jessica would be taking a very active role in the show and feels that this is a very important topic to learn more about and make people more aware. At this time that is about all the details that are out there.

Big congratulations go out to Mr. George Strait who has been named artist of the decade by the Academy of Country Music. You can watch the show on CBS this Wednesday. It is an all star country music event with performances by all your favorites. Faith Hill and hubby Tim McGraw, Keith Urban, Taylor Swift and Martina McBride are just a few of the greats that you can see perform. This is quite a big award, since only 4 other people have been recipients, including, Marty Robbins, Alabama and Brooks and Loretta Lynn.

Well if you have been waiting to hear first hand from Chris Brown, the time has finally come. Chris who has a new album, “Graffiti”, coming out soon, has made a short video along with his friend Bow Wow. Chris is excited about his album and is ready to get back out there and put all the bad stuff behind him. Chris says “Everybody that’s haters, they just been haters. All my real fans, I love you all. I ain’t a monster.”Hmmm…doesn’t sound like an apology of any kind to me? You can see it for yourself and be the judge. It sounds like he wants to sell some albums and hopes he still has a few fans out there. The investigation to his case with Rihanna is still ongoing and could even be dismissed. That would be a shame, but it seems that police misconduct could have played a role and if that was the case the whole thing could just go away. There is another hearing today so we will just have to wait and hear what comes out of that.

Sad sad news on the story I told you about yesterday that involved Mike Tyson’s 4 year old daughter. After somehow getting tangled up and strangled by a cord on the family’s treadmill, the little girl did pass away after being on life support.  In a statement from Tyson, he says”We are grateful for the tremendous outpouring of love and prayers from all over the world. There are no words to describe this tragic loss or our beloved Exodus. We ask you now to please respect our need at this very difficult time for privacy to grieve and try to help each other heal”. The mother’s name has not been released and she had been doing some house cleaning at the time of the accident.       

New Fall TV Lineups Announced

 The fall TV schedules are starting to surface and there are some old favorites that will be missing plus several many shows with some of your old favorite celebrities resurfacing. Over at ABC, Christina Applegate and her show “Samantha Who” will not be returning, along with “According to Jim”, “The Unusuals” and big surprise “Cupid”. Coming back to TV are Kelsey Grammar, new mom Rebecca Romijn, Patricia Heaton, and one of my favorites, Courtney Cox. ABC tops the new show charts with 11 new shows, 4 of which are comedies and 6 will be dramas and only 1 will be a reality show from by Mark Burnett. The show is called “Shark Tank” and will have people trying to get millionaires to choose their ideas to fund. Cox will be playing a cougar in her new comedy “Cougar Town”, where she will be back in the dating world as a single mother. Patricia Heaton will also be in a comedy called “The Middle” where she will be living in Indiana as an average middle class family…I can feel the laughs already. “Eastwick” is one of the new dramas starring Rebecca Romijn, Lindsay Price and Jamie Ray Newman who are women with unique powers that are brought together by a man who helps them realize those powers. And remember, “V” the miniseries back from the 80’s (I do), this is being remade and updated. “V” stands for visitors so it will be sci-fi and stars Elizabeth Mitchell from “Lost” who should feel right at home in that series.

 CBS will be staring the new season with 4 dramas, 1 new comedy and thankfully just 1 new reality show. Some favorite celebrities joining CBS will be Julianne Margulies, LL Cool J, Chris O’Donnell, and Jenna Elfman (remember her from “Dharma and Greg”?). Margulies will be staring in “The Good Wife” where she plays a wife of a politician who also works as a defense attorney. “Three Rivers” will be CBS’s medical drama which will focus on organ transplants and “Miami Trauma” their other medical show which follows trauma surgeons working in you guessed it Miami. Chris O’Donnell and LL cool J will be teamed together in an “NCIS” spin off and Jenna Elfman will star in the comedy “Accidentally on Purpose” where her one night stand with a man much younger then herself, gets her pregnant.

 NBC will add 4 new dramas to their lineup with two of those being medical related. They will be trying to hold on to their ER audience that is for sure. They are bringing back Peter Berg, Michelle Trachtenberg, Maura Tierney, Craig T. Nelson (remember him from “Coach” – that seems like ages ago),Dax  Shepard, Bonnie Bedelia, Monica Potter. Plus one of my favorites from the E! Network, Joel McHale, from “The Soup”, will be testing his acting abilities in none other than a comedy of course called “Community” which is about a group of college misfits. McHale will star along with Chevy Chase. Ron Howard and Brian Grazer will be teaming up for their new show “Parenthood”, based on the movie “Parenthood. It will be about parenting and hopefully with these two funny guys at the helm this show will be hilarious. “Trauma” one of the medical shows will follow a group of paramedics in San Francisco while “Mercy” will be hospital based but the difference with this hospital show is that it will be through the eyes of the nurses. And then of course Jay Leno will be taking up a big chunk of prime time programming with his new talk show time slot every night at 10:00 (ET/PT). Shows that were renewed were “30 Rock”, “The Office”, “Celebrity Apprentice”, Law and Order: Special Victims Units “, “Friday Night Lights”, “Medium”, “Heroes” along with the new comers “Parks and Recreation”, and “Southland”. Bummer I guess “Lipstick Jungle” really isn’t coming back. I am still bitter about that one.

Fox is adding 3 new shows. One is actually an animated show from the producers of “Family Guy” which is called “”The Cleveland Show”. Another new once is called “Glee” and “Brothers” about an NFL player who returns home to his family only to realize how much he has changed while he has been away. That will star Michael Strahan who used to play for the Giants. Fox will also have a few news shows come mid season, called “Son of Tucson” and “Human Target”. And new mom, Wanda Sykes will have her own one hour comedy show on Saturday nights, so that should be a funny one. “So You Think You Can Dance” received good news when it found out that it was moving off the summer schedule and being bumped up to the prime time fall schedule. Although “Terminator” will not be back, “Dollhouse”, “Bones”, “Cops”, “Family Guy”, “America’s Most Wanted”, “Kitchen Nightmares”, ”Hell’s Kitchen””Lie TO Me”, ”Til Death”, “The Simpsons” “American Idol”,  “Fringe”, and  “24” will all be back.
Those are just some of the highlights you can expect to look forward to after a long showless summer season.

Danny Gans Death Shocks Las Vegas

Shocking news rocks Las Vegas with the news of the sudden death of funny man Danny Gans. He performed a great set on Wednesday and seemed to be the picture of health, but then was found dead of still unknown causes on Friday morning. He was just 52 and a self proclaimed health nut. He was one of the all time great impressionist doing people like Tony Bennett and Michael Jackson. Although nothing seemed wrong with Gans, in an odd twist, Gans did change his final routine on Wednesday night. He usually ended with a medley “Apollo” however instead he did “The Curtain Falls” by Bobby Darin. A coincidence or did he know or feel something was wrong? It will be interesting to see what the autopsy says but regardless of the results he was a talented funny man who will be missed.

The Madonna adoption case just keeps getting more complicated. The man who says he is the baby girl’s father (although that has yet to be confirmed and he still hasn’t met her) says he wants his daughter and wants her to be raised in Malawi and in her culture. The poor little girl Mercy has been in the orphanage her whole life since her teenage mother died. There is a hearing on Monday where the court will hear Madonna’s appeal based on the last hearing where she was rejected from adopting the baby on the fact that she had not lived in the region for the required amount of time. Also on Monday the alleged father, James Kambewa, will be doing an interview on “The Early Show” on CBS. So the saga continues. Why is it taking so long to see if he is indeed the baby’s father? I think that will have a lot of bearing on the outcome. Stay tuned. Hopefully there is a better life in store for this sweet girl then the orphanage and sooner than later will be all the better.

The new “Star Trek” premier was this weekend and it is hard to believe the franchise has been around since 1966. It has had its ups and downs over the decades but the new movie is young and hip and stays true to the original. With J. J. Abrams and his team at the helm honestly how could they go wrong? It has been a long time in the making but it seems this new “Star Trek” will have fans and Vulcan’s alike very happy with the outcome. Some die hard trekies that attended the premiere were Heidi Klum, Amanda Bynes, Leighton Meester and Rainn Wilson. Chris Pine is the new Captain Kirk and Zachary Quinto plays Leonard Nimoy’s, Dr. Spock, while Karl Urban plays “Bones” McCoy and Zoe Saldana plays Uhura. A new young hip cast makes “Star Trek” hip and sexy again. The movie comes out in theatres May 8th.

Its good news for Casey Aldridge, baby daddy to Jamie Lynn Spears, Britney’s Spears little sis. After a car accident earlier this week were he was hospitalized in intensive care for a head injury he is out of the hospital and back home. Aldridge had been at a bachelor party and ended up flipping his car over late that night. Casey is actually supposed to be the best man but depending on his recovery, will decide if he can follow though wit the commitment. For the time being the Jamie Lynn and has been at his side constantly while her mom has been taking care of their baby. The baby will be coming home soon and Jamie Lynn will have her hands full taking care of the two of them.      

Miss America Controversy

Perez Hilton is back in the news and smack dab in the middle of more controversy. This time his victim was Miss California, Carrie Prejan who was hoping to become the next Miss USA. However after answering a gay marriage question asked straight from Perez himself, basically all hell broke loose for the contestant and she ended up first runner up in the competition. Here is what happened. Perez asked her the question, “Vermont recently became the fourth state to legalize same sex marriage. Do you think every state should follow suit? Why or why not?” Her answer was, “Well I think it’s great that Americans are able to choose same sex marriage or opposite marriage and , you know what, in my country and in my family, I think that I believe a marriage should be between a man and a woman.” Well Hilton literally blew a gasket over her answer and she was even booed while on stage. Perez went on his blog and called her a “dumb bitch”, although later he did rescind his comment.  The two have been very busy, Perez landed himself a spot on “Larry King Live” and Miss California spoke with FOXNews.com and Billy Bush on the “Billy Bush Show.” She definitely feels the question and controversy cost her the crown but despite that would not have changed her answer. She stands by the fact that she answered her question honestly and that is what’s important.  I have to side with her on this one. It is also not like she said she does not believe in gay marriage or believe it should not be an option for people, she what she believes for herself. So give the poor girl a break!

Justin Timberlake is starting to rival Ryan Seacrest for busiest guy in Hollywood. In addition to his clothing line and most recently new Tequila, not to mention his singing career, Justin is involved in a new crazy reality show that will air on MTV. The show is called “On the Phone” and will be a competition between 4 contestants doing something crazy for the opportunity to win $50,000. Justin says, “We make them characters in an action film. We constantly throw a curve ball.” So basically you get a call on your cell phone and then follow the clues to the prize. An example is climbing to the top of the Space Needle in Seattle. Hmmm…sounds like “Survivor” meets “Fear Factor”. Justin is also getting ready for his May 9th appearance on SNL. He will be hosting while Ciara will be the musical guest. Justin loves the SNL gang and always has a great time. Should be fun. Remember last time and his Beyonce back up dancer gig??

Here is a little baby news hot off the press. Ellen Pompeo, from “Grey’s Anatomy” is expecting her first child with husband Chris Ivery Other big baby news is Julie Chen from “The Early Show” on CBS is also pregnant with her first baby. She is married to CBC President and CEO Les Moonves who is 59 years old. Julie is also the host of the show “Big Brother” and she says she will be there again and won’t miss any time from her hosting duties on the show. And for you “Fantastic Four” fans, Ioan Gruffudd and his wife are also expecting their first baby. You can see him in his next movie out this June with our old favorite Julia Roberts, in “Fireflies in the Garden.” Congratulations to all on their good news.         

Beatles Reunion

Tonight is Country music’s big night and all the stars are headed to Las Vegas for the 44th Academy of Country Music Awards. The show will air live tonight on CBS at 8:00 so tune in to see all the big winners (and losers.) IT should be a great show with scheduled performances by Rascal Flatts, Sugarland, Toby Keith and Taylor Swift, and as I mentioned earlier this week Miley Cyrus will be on stage singing “The Climb” from her new Hannah Montana movie. Reba McEntire will be hosting the event for her 11th time.  There is big competition tonight for the Entertainer of the Year award. Carrie Underwood is the sole woman up against 4 men in this category. She is competing against George Strait, Brad Paisley, Kenny Chesney and Keith Urban.  I am personally hoping she can do it and beat those 4 men…good luck Carrie; you have had an amazing year!

It looks like 3 year old Mercy James from Malawi will not be going home with Madonna as planned but is going back to the orphanage. First the judge rejected the adoption claim based on the fact that Madonna hadn’t been a resident in Malawi for the 18 -24 months requirement before adopting. As one can imagine Madonna was very upset and has already started the appeal process, but Lourdes as well, was devastated by the turn of events. In addition to that, it seems that the baby’s biological father has stepped forward. James Kambewa is claiming he is the baby’s father and he never knew that she was alive. After getting the baby’s 15 year old mother pregnant he fled. The baby’s mother then died several days after the baby was born and Kambewa said he thought the baby had died as well. So now he is back and claiming that he wants his daughter. HE of course will need to take a DNA test to see if he is indeed that father and then he says he will be ready to meet Mercy. So we will just have to wait and see what happens. All I have to say is regardless of the new information about the father, why would the government make you be a resident for so long? I just feel that if there is better opportunities for these children besides living in the orphanage why make it so difficult? Absolutely, take some time and make sure you have a good family to adopt these children but asking perspective parents to live in the country for almost 2 years seems a lot to ask and who knows what other requirements there are. Hey Madonna can adopt me. Regardless what you think of her and Angelina Jolie they are truly helping these children and giving them a better life then they have in an orphanage. I just think anyone who is willing to bring these children into their lives and try to provide a better life them should be commended.  
It was a night to remember at David Lynch’s “Change Begins Within” concert and benefit at New York City’s Radio City Music Hall this weekend. Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr both performed solo sets during the night. Paul was actually headline the show and after his set he did what everyone hoped he would….he called up his old friend Ringo and the two performed on stage together for the first time in 6 years. How cool is that??  The two sang “With a Little Help From My Friends”, “Cosmically Conscious” and “I Saw Her Standing There”. I bet that was incredible not only to hear them together but to see them together as well. The event was a bit out there but I guess that is no surprise with David Lynch. He organized the event to increase awareness and funds for his foundation for “Consciousness – Based Education and World Peace, a charity that works to promote the late Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s Transcendental Meditation technique. A lot of stars and performers showed up to show their support including Howard Stern, Jerry Seinfeld, Sheryl Crow, Eddie Vedder, Moby.