Justin Bieber Tickets: The Boy is All Grown Up, Well Almost

Justin Bieber’s third studio album Believe, just in case you do not know, arrives to announce his coming of age. It is the work if an 18 year old being heavily influenced by those he looks up to and is trying to be everything to everyone. Predictably, the album has yielded uneven reviews. Some, such as the Entertainment Weekly Kyle Anderson laud the album as an unquestioned success. Some, such as Rolling Stone’s Jon Dolan mention the highlights, those songs that have tightly spun lyrics are sow no fear of going full-on tongue in cheek, but also dwells on the struggles, the at times too timid lyrics only playing at full-blown sexual maturity. None, however, at least according to Metacritic, have returned a complete critical decimation of the album.

If anything, one should note that Justin Bieber is continuing his development as a person in predictable fashion. He is trying to be everything, gaining a sense of where he stands in the world as a whole and in the context of those he admires. This means an album perhaps drawing a little too much from Justin Timberlake and Usher. This also means he is breaking hearts along the way, finding an audience in search of best-selling Justin Bieber tickets comprised of an uncomfortable mix of preteens and blossoming young adults with as sleek exteriors as the dancers in the “Boyfriend” video.

The new tour will begin November 29, 2012 in Glendale, Arizona at the Jobing.com Arena and ends March 23, 2013 in Bologna, Italy at the Futurshow Station Casalecchio Di Reno. The American leg of the tour lasts until January 27, 2013 when the star ends his North American appearances in Miami, Florida at the American Airlines Arena. That leg of the Believe Tour has 51 concerts. He spends the next two months playing 34 in Europe. Keep in mind that the tour will likely be expanded with several more legs and a return to North America.

Along the way, Carly Rae Jepsen, The Wanted, and Cody Simpson will be supporting the singer. Jepsen will be along for the bulk of the North American leg. She is, of course, known for the song “Call Me Maybe” and the new single “Good Time”. Just as Bieber needs to show he has grown up and is no longer flirting with such innocent intent, Jepsen needs to prove she is much more than a one-hit wonder.