Mia Farrow’s Brothers Untimely Death

So here is something I bet you didn’t know…there are 18 professional Britney Spears impersonators throughout the world. Who knew? One in particular is talking to the press…her name is Lorna Bliss and she basically is living Britney’s life as her own.  She has been doing this for the past 10 years and has spent over $220,000 to look like the real thing. Over the years she has spent thousands on costumes, makeup and hair extensions not to mention dance routines, choreographers and the agency she works full time for.  In the early days it was a lot harder but now she is constantly busy doing appearances and performances, even running from the media and signing autographs. She even gains weight and loses weight depending on what the pop princess is up too. Next on Lorna’s list to be even more like the real Brit Brit…she is going to get the exact same tattoos that Britney has and there are 9 of them. She says she is glad Britney has gotten her life back on track because even when things were not going good for her Lorna matched that part of her life as well. For example…she copied the whole shaving the head experience and even acted crazy like growling at the photographers and running after them. You have to admit it must not be easy trying to follow in those footsteps. Such an interesting career choice for someone to choose don’t you think?

Sad news for actress Mia Farrow…her brother Patrick Farrow, 66 was found dead in his home in Vermont. His body is currently waiting to be autopsied because the police have said that “the death is considered suspicious.” Things just don’t seem to be adding up in the explanation of his death. This is another terrible loss for the actress who just lost a 35 year old daughter, Lark Previn 6 months ago to a long time illness. Patrick has lived in Vermont for 30 years and has spent his time in the art world operating the Farrow Gallery. Patrick was a sculptor and over the years has won national awards for his work.

There are rumors swirling all around about the possibility of Katie Holmes performing on the FOX show, “So You Think You Can Dance?” The only thing that can be confirmed is that she has indeed met with the executive producer form the show, but that is all that is known. Although she has been spotted dancing at the CBS studios a rep says that when she is in town she rehearses there. Katie is currently performing on Broadway in “All My Son’s”. So who knows? In my opinion, I would wonder why she was going to choose to dance on TV. Why choose this venue, and honestly, she is Katie Holmes. I mean really…no disrespect to the show…but she is an actress on the big screen and Broadway, why put herself through it? Just my opinion.

If you are a Fergie fan you have to check out the new July issue of “Allure” magazine. The woman is hot! And what is so funny is that she talks about what she does in the bedroom with equally hot husband Josh Duhamel. I think basically all she would need to do is show up and that would be considered hot in and of itself. Fergie does go on to say that she is a big fan of dressing up, both on stage and in the bedroom.  I addition to touring with the Black Eyed Peas, she is also in a new movie with Penelope Cruz called “Nine”, and the two had to gain 17 pounds for the movie. They two stars ate and ate but then of course had to take it all off which was not fun. All I have to say is that she indeed lost all the weight and probably then some, and she is one hot little Black Eyed Pea!