The Rise of the Music Festival Ticket

Just as the Internet changed the recording industry, music festivals have altered the course of concert tours. Of course, music festivals are no new initiative. I imagine if I were to be transported back to the Dark Ages I could walk into a town square in the middle of summer and enjoy a day of merry fueled by mead and live music from a number of local groups. Heck, Woodstock (the original) seemed the pinnacle of the live music experience in the 20th century.

Yet, post-Woodstock the music festival seemed a novelty. Sure Willie Nelson, John Mellencamp, and Neil Young collaborated to develop Farm Aid in the mid-1980s. But far and wide music festivals seemed the territory of county fears and civic events like Chicago’s Bluesfest. They certainly attracted millions, but the buzz surrounding these free events now come in second to the national frenzy of private-run music festivals. They include Lollapalooza, Coachella, Bonnaroo, Summerfest, and many, many more.

The website Festival Finder claims there are 2,500 music festivals every year in North America. They celebrate every music genre imaginable, from alternative to children’s music to marching band. The bigger events last a weekend or two and attract huge names. No longer are music festivals the destinations of duo wop bands surviving on nostalgia and up-and-coming country acts.

Instead, new indie rock bands appreciate the opportunity to play before thousands instead of gravitating to a series of cramped clubs. Major label recording artists still topping the Billboard charts like to kick off world tours with an appearance at these as if they are shots of adrenaline for the long haul. Groups reuniting can play before the same thousands and attract those who enjoy the nostalgia of the hits from the 1980s and the youth intrigued to see if the group has grown musically.

From an industry POV, these are perhaps the safest venues in which to promote. There is a captivated audience wandering the grounds waiting to rock out or fighting the urge to pass out before the evening’s headliner. As the new music junkie is no longer limited to the radio, this is the only way to ensure the group plays before people with little option to listen, if at least for the time it takes to navigate the swelling crowds of beach blankets.

These events sell out quickly, whether they are offering three-day passes, single-day passes, or a combination of both. It is at these times it is best to turn to sites like OnlineSeats. Next month’s Coachella Music Festival is already sold out, but we have three-day pass tickets for a mere $213. The same goes for the other big names – Bonnaroo, Summerfest, and Lollapalooza.

Keith Urban Talks About Baby Rumors

Keith Urban speaks out about the baby adoption rumors that have been swirling around.  During a radio interview for a Tampa Bay station, Keith says that the rumors about him and wife Nicole Kidman adopting a baby from Vietnam are completely untrue, and he has no idea how stories like this even get started. He also goes on to say that Nicole is not pregnant either. Keith does talk about how his concert tour which has an element of reality TV added to it. Cameras are following the country star around at all times and then the footage is being shown during his concerts on the jumbo screen. That is a nice touch; I think it would be interesting to see a day in the life of Keith Urban.

“Britain’s Got Talent”, Susan Boyle seems to have fully recovered from exhaustion and is ready to hit the road. Susan has gone from an everyday person to overnight success and are you ready for this, is charging $190,000 to play a 3 song set at corporate events around the world. Has anyone told Susan’s people about the state of the economy and businesses are cutting back?? Susan is currently on tour with “Britain’s Got Talent” Love Tour and the audiences love her….ok, I get that and she has a great voice but $190,000 for 3 songs which is basically 12 minutes on stage???? In other reality show music news…Bo Bice, from “American Idol” and his wife are expecting baby # 3 at the end of January.  He is cranking out kids as quickly as he is cranking out new tunes. Bo and his wife have just been married 4 years and have a 3 1/2 year old and 9 month old and a newbie on the way.
This weekend was the big 8th Annual Bonnaroo Music Festival in Tennessee. It is kind of a throwback to the 1960’s and hippies times with the fans camping out on the grounds. There were big bands and small bands, over 100 in all, from all throughout the country and through the rainy muddy and hot sticky weather in Manchester, Tennessee, the fans were not disappointed. There was the Phish who played Friday and Sunday night doing 3 hour shows and Bruce Springsteen and his band that played for 3 hours as well. Springsteen played his classics as well as taking requests; one fan even asked him to sing “Santa Clause is Coming to Town”. Nine Inch Nails was there as well as the Beastie Boys and David Byrne. Some other fun people who joined the fun were Elvis Costello, Animal Collective, Wilco and Merle Haggard. The fun thing about a festival like this is that you get all these great bands together that are truly so different from each other. You could just tell people were here enjoying the music and the atmosphere. You can see for yourself next Saturday on the Fuse channel which will show parts of the show from this weekend.

After 2 years and two kids, Usher and his wife Tameka are heading to divorce court. The couple has 2 young children Usher Raymond V. who is 18 months old, and Naviyd who is just 6 months old. Tameka has 3 other children from a previous marriage. It is not all sad news for Usher, he is in the studio working on his new album “Monster”, which is due out in the fall plus he just shot a scene in the new Ashton Kutcher Katherine Heigl movie, “Five Killers”.