Weekend Gossip News

Kate Hudson turned 30 this weekend and in true celebrity fashion had a party filled with celebrities. Some of the A – listers at the party included the Kutchers (Ashton and Demi), Jessica Alba and hubby Cash Warren, Gwyneth Paltrow and hubby Chris Martin from Coldplay, Justin Timberlake, Evan Mendes, Adam Sandler, Zach Braff, Gwen Stefani and Cher. The party was at mom, Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell’s home and it was a night of dancing and drinking and fun. If you were wondering, Owen Wilson was not at the party…hmmm…are the couple on again or off again? Speaking of parties, Andy Roddick and his model girlfriend tied the knot this weekend with 250 of their closest friends sharing in the event. The couple had an outdoor wedding ceremony and then dinner at the country club on Friday. Elton John entertained the guests while they dined. Saturday the couple and their friends partied at Stubb’s which specializes in BBQ. The guests were requested to wear “denim only” and rocked the night away with the Spazmatics.

Madonna had another horse riding accident on Saturday. Luckily her injuries were minor and after a visit to the hospital was released with some bruises. It seems that the paparazzi were the cause of the accident when they jumped out to photograph Madonna and they startled her horse. She was much luckier this time then when she fell off her horse back in 2005 and cracked several ribs and broke her collarbone. Glad you are going to be alright Madonna.

Perez Hilton sure does know how to stir up trouble. The most recent non – Perez Hilton fan, seems to be Criss Angel. It got a bit tense and ugly at the end of his magic show in Las Vegas on Friday night where Perez happened to be in the audience. Criss acknowledged Perez by giving him a shout and saying, “I have to recognize someone special here in the house. Perez Hilton, please stand up…We have the world’s biggest douche bag asshole in the house.” Wow – that was not exactly a warm welcome. Perez responded with, “thanks for the free tickets.” What started the war of words? It seems that Perez was Twittering through the show and not giving the show a very good review. In fact two tweets read, “unbelievably BAD!” and “I would rather be getting a root canal.” Hmmm… I guess I would have to say Perez may have had it coming.

And last but not least a Happy Birthday to Suri Cruise, daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, who just turned 3. And believe it or not it seems like Suri had a typical 3 year old party with a few of her friends and a Belle princess cake from Beauty and the Beast. Suri will be starting full time preschool classes at the school of Scientology. Suri will be attending classes 5 days a week for a mere $12,000. The do like to start them early over there.        

Who is Winning the Twitter to 1 Million Race?

Could it finally be love for Ryan Seacrest? It seems that the busiest guy in Hollywood is actually in a relationship and has been for several months. Seacrest has been dating Jasmine Waltz, who is a bartender in Los Angeles. The two are currently in Paris now that Ryan is done with his hosting duties on “American Idol”. Not only is there love in Ryan’s life, it also seems that he is going to get even busier come May 4th when  his radio show will expand an extra hour to 4 hours, “On Air with Ryan Seacrest”. We just can’t get enough of him can we? And speaking of ” American Idol”, history was made last night when the judges decided to use their one time power of saving someone from elimination, and they did just that with 23 year old Matt Giraud. He had been voted off by the fans call in votes when he sang “Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman” by Bryan Adams. He may have been saved this week, however that means that next week 2 people will voted off.  Needless to say it was an emotional and exciting show.

Oh say it isn’t so….but the news is out and confirmed…Tori and Dean McDermott are going to be around for a while longer. In addition to starting the 4th season of their reality show, “ Tori and Dean, Home Sweet Hollywood”, they are also going to have their own make over show for couples ,called “Mr. and Mrs. Makeover”, where not only will they give couples make over but also marital advice. Where can I sign up?  They even have a made for TV movie in the works on the Oxygen channel, that the two will not only star in but will also produce. It is said to be a romantic comedy about their life as a married couple. Gee…sounds good. Plus don’t forget if you still need more Tori in your life, you can check her out in the new “90210” series. Daddy would be so proud, wouldn’t he? And speaking of both reality TV and “American Idol”, there is good news for Fantasia Barrino fans, she will have her own reality show on VH-1 that will follow her life as a singer and single mom. The show will not air until 2010 but will follow her since her success on “American Idol”.
How would you like if Elton John sang at your wedding? Well that is just what he is going to be doing for his pal Andy Roddick and his Sports Illustrated swim suit model bride to be, Brooklyn Decker. Even though the ceremony will be small they will have superstar talent performing. The two know each other through their charity work and have become friends.  Roddick helped raise over $400,000 for Elton’s Johns Aids Foundation, so the least he can do is perform a few songs at his wedding right?

Well the Twitter race is getting really close between Ashton Kutcher and CNN. Currently Ashton has approximately 966,000 followers while CNN is at 973,000 followers. Ashton seems to be getting thousands of followers per hour and if this rate continues he could be the winner. In fact we could know as soon as tomorrow who will be the big winner. I will keep you posted on the results.