Britney in the News

Move over Penn and Teller, Britney Spears has the newest magic show in town. You will be in for more than just the pop princess belting out her new music at her new Circus tour. She is going to also be taking on the role of magicians assistant. Britney will work alongside magician/comedian Ed Alonzo who says he will be sawing Britney in half as well as making her disappear into thin air. Britney has really taken to the magic and will even be performing her own tricks. The “Circus Tour” kicks of next week in New Orleans and Britney is ready. She is in top form, her body looks great, and the show promises to be amazing.  Concert goers are going to get their own mini Cirque du Soleil show thrown in with their concert. It is going to be a high tech, 3 ring circus extravaganza, and the fans will not be disappointed.

In other Britney news, her ex boyfriend, who she palled around with during her crazy days, is facing assault charges. It seems that Adnan Ghalib was not very nice to a man that was trying to serve him with a restraining order that banned him from contacting Britney. Instead of just accepting the restraining order from the man, it is alleged that Adnan drove his car into the man instead. The man ended up jumping on the hood of Adnan’s car to get out of the way and ended up breaking his wrist. Adnan is being charged with assault with a deadly weapon, battery and hit and run. If convicted he could face up to 7 years in jail. At this point he has not turned himself in and there is no arraignment date set. Although at the time he was just being served with a temporary restraining order, Britney’s dad would like a long term restraining order against him as well as Brit’s former manager, Sam Lufti. You have to admit Britney is doing a whole lot better with those 2 men out of her life.  Good Luck Brit, can’t wait to catch your concert, it sounds awesome.