Juan Gabriel Tour Dates 2016 and Tickets

juan gabriel tour

Juan Gabriel is one of Mexico’s most beloved pop icons. He has been nominated six times for the prestigious Grammy awards and has successfully sold 30 million album copies all over the globe. He is also known for having sold-out concerts the world over. Gabriel has also been a producer for several known acts such as Rocio Durcal, Lola Beltran, Paul Anka and Lucha Villa. Juan Gabriel also has numerous awards under his belt. They include the Latin Recording Academy Person of the Year, Billboard Music Award for Top Latin Album and Billboard Latin Music Awards. others include Star Award, Billboard Latin Music Award for Tour of the Year, Billboard Latin Award Music Award for Top Latin Album of the Year and Billboard Latin Music Award for Latin Pop Album of the Year. The pop icon has also been recognized with other awards such as Billboard Latin Music Award for Top Latin Albums Artist of the Year and Billboard Latin Music Award for Latin Pop Albums Artist of the Year, Solo. He has also written and recorded over one thousand songs in an array of genres. He has unbelievably penned in different styles such as mariachi, rock, pop, disco, racheras with ballads and has outstanding string hits for himself and other popular Latin musicians such as Gualberto Castro, Lorenzo Antonio, Aida Cuevas, Angelica Maria, Lucha Villa, Ana Gabriel, Rocio Durcal and Jose.

Description of Juan Gabriel North American Tour
The famous Mexican song writer and composer Juan Gabriel has been taking his Latin pop hits to concert venues all over North America. He has an enormous fan base in the entire North America region and that is why his shows tend to sell out very fast. His tour concept is characterized by brand new fun and flirty production. The tour takes Juan Gabriel’s fans through his amazing 45 year musical career, it brings together gifted music acts exceeding fifty in number. The major ones include mariachi, orchestra, dancers and backup singers. Gabriel’s North American tour has a strict camera policy that permits only small point and shoot cameras, detachable lens cameras and video or audio recording devices are restricted. This is in a bid to curb piracy and avoid infringement of copyright policies.

Unique features of the tour
The following are the salient features of the great North American Tour hosted by Juan Gabriel himself:
• It has 50 orchestras and mariachi players.
• It has a total of 20 well-choreographed and talented dancers.
• It has 10 singers that assist Juan in his performance.
• Gabriel Juan performs in a 360-degree setup ( a feature recently added to his tour)

Reasons to attend Juan Gabriel’s North American Tour
The reasons why Juan Gabriel’s fans should attend his tour are that it has bright lights that light up the whole stage, the drummers on stage are immensely talented, the tour always features a full orchestra and his backup singers are renowned for their soulful harmonizing. The concert usually runs for more than three hours to ensure fans thoroughly enjoy themselves with their favorite artist and icon. It is a show that can be enjoyed by all age groups making it suitable for family attendance. Gabriel’s stamina and spirit during performance is usually at an all-time high making the experience electric. Juan’s encore lasts an unbelievable 45 minutes long. Juan Gabriel’s performance is devoid of intermissions that break the mood. Fans get to interact with their icon as he performs on stage availing to them a rare opportunity. During the concert Juan Gabriel gets to merge his favorite songs with new musicians such as La India and Zona Priera. He also gives his fans a treat by adding humor and exhibiting his photographs as a boy with other Latino stars, this makes it an unforgettable experience. The tour also has a great stage setting fit for a star of his stature. The tour has no opening acts giving fans value for their money as they only get performance from their beloved icon all through. Juan uniquely fuses art, music and people to deliver a magical night which fans will live to remember with nostalgia. Juan is also praised for spacing his songs very well during performances so that fans get a proper feel for all. The sound system in Gabriel’s North American tour is world class and ensures get the best in sound quality. Outfits worn during the concert are also a spectacle to be hold and are a key factor to the tour’s success. The tour management offer fans ample packing for their vehicles and great seats that have unobstructed view, a factor that is overlooked in most tour concerts. The different guest singers in Gabriel’s North American tour never disappoint fans and add to the greatness of the tour performances. The level of choreography and audience interaction/integration is excellent giving fans value for their money.

States visited by the Juan Gabriel tour
The great Juan Gabriel tour has had concert venues in most of if not all over Northern American region. Some of the states, towns and cities visited include San Diego, Sacramento, Inglewood, Tacoma, El Paso, Fresno, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Miami, Houston, Las Vegas, Dallas, Hidalgo, Rosemont, Greensboro, Lake City, Laredo, Phoenix, Mashantucket, Houston, Atlanta, Anaheim, San Jose, Rosemont, Hidalgo, Monterrey, Brooklyn, Chicago, New York, Anaheim and Texas among others. These states, cities and towns have had organized venues facilitated by the very able tour management team of Juan Gabriel that are dedicated to giving his fans a wonderful time.
Tour concert times and duration
The Juan Gabriel tour concerts have a tradition of starting at around 7 pm to 8 pm in the evening and running for about three to four hours with 45 minutes of encore. The tour also mostly takes place in the months of August and September.

The Juan Gabriel North American tour is once in a lifetime chance to meet the famous Latin pop star and have an unforgettable experience suitable for all age groups. Performances by his band, orchestras and mariachi players are the perfect recipe for a night of musical fun. Now you know why his shows get consistently sold-out. Getting your tickets early for the concert is the best decision so that you don’t miss out.