Justin Bieber: Purpose World Tour

Canadian singer Justin Bieber is out on his third worldwide tour in support of his fourth studio album ‘Purpose.”  Slated to run the majority of the year and due to overwhelming popular demand additional shows are still being added so make sure to check continually to see if dates were added closer to you.  Accordingly to numerous reports this concert is almost an extravaganza.  From the beginning of the show when Bieber appears inside a glass cube performing “Mark My Words” and scrawling words like “Hope” on the walls via a marker this concert show is way over the top of anything you could even begin to expect.  Each song comes with its own scripted, choreographed display of musical excellence that showcases the young Bieber’s growth as a performing artist.  During “Where Are U Now,” holograms are flashing while the dance crew tumbles across the stage in all-white attire with aerial acrobats against a chrome-y, industrial video backdrop.  During “I’ll Show You,” you see Bieber trapped in a steel cage with firestorms and spinning whirlwinds engulf him.  Later an LED light show creates the illusion of covering Bieber in exploding octagons and digital fireworks.  Bieber added pyrotechnics during his performance of “Get Use To It” and moving platforms onstage.  An all-time fan and critic favorite of the whole experience is Bieber’s performance of “Love Yourself,” which has him on acoustic guitar while seated on a red velvet couch in center stage.  With multiple outfit changes to fit each song’s theme and style, the concert finishes with “Sorry” during which Bieber, and his dancers stand beneath a shower of artificial rain.  The whole experience is a reflection of seeing Bieber return to top form. Even though this concert has Bieber as a solo headlining artist with no supporting guests that fact has not diminished the experience at the least.  There is so much going on during each song there is only enough time and room for Justin and his larger than life one man show.  Receiving favorable reviews from Billboard and Entertainment Weekly are just the beginning as this concert continues so will its popularity grow.  For your chance to see this sensational singer-songwriter get your Justin Bieber Purpose World Tour tickets here! The setlist is a well-rounded list of about 20 songs, and the whole experience has a very scripted feel to it, but that is why it’s a concert show, not just a concert.  The two are often confused, and many fans wonder about the reality of these events.  Justin is singing there is no lip syncing on his tours Bieber is his usual playful self-showing off his musical skill during one skit that involves him performing with an acoustic guitar and doing a comic-laden pedestrian drum solo.  Justin Bieber, who initially found fame via being discovered by a talent manager through Bieber’s YouTube channel. Since his discovery, Justin has since amassed quite the following of “Beliebers” which is what his fan base has been dubbed.  Made up mostly of a teen to mid-adolescent or younger generation of girls and boys.  His debut EP, “My World” was the first ever to have seven songs chart on the Billboard Hot 100.  The My World Tour, was Justin’s first tour, and it was the platform to release the remix albums My Worlds Acoustic and Never Say Never – The Remixes – as well as the biopic-concert film Justin Bieber: Never Say Never. HIs sales top 75 million records and all four of his albums were just released on vinyl for the first time in early in 2016.  Nominated for three Grammy Awards and winning one for Best Dance Recording for the song “Where Are U Now.” “Believe,” his third studio album was released in 2012, and it saw Justin move away from the teen pop sound and delve into a new sound considered to be a more “mature” sound.  This new music incorporated elements of R&B and dance-pop and saw Bieber working with a broad range of urban producers.  Justin took this opportunity to collaborate with some high caliber names including Darkchild, Hit-Boy, Diplo, and Max Martin. At the end of 2015, Bieber released the lead single from his fourth studio album titled “What Do You Mean?” from the new album Purpose.  This debut saw him break another record and earn him a spot in the Guinness World Record book for being the youngest male artist to debut at the top of that chart. The album’s second single is titled “Sorry” and it debuted at the number two spot and eventually found its way to the top of the chart after eight weeks “Sorry” also climbed into the number one spot.  The third single from Purpose is “Love Yourself,” which also peaked at number one.  The fourth single was released in March 2016 from the Purpose album and its title is “Company.” During the playing of Company at the Purpose World Tour, Bieber is suspended atop a giant trampoline on which he is jumping around, singing and doing back flips.  This tour is a world tour because it is so large and over the top that the world is the only thing large enough to contain its excellence.  Get your Justin Bieber Purpose World Tour tickets here for all of his upcoming show dates! One of the youngest albeit most famous, Bieber is frequently a hot button topic for many social media outlets including his original YouTube account which is still active and his Twitter account where he held the record for being the most followed person next to Lady Gaga and Katy Perry.  The young international superstar is only gaining in worldwide popularity; he is expanding his business ventures which will only help solidify him in the businesses of his choice well into his adult years.  His business dealings include endorsement deals, creating a new fragrance line, as well as dozens of startup investments with Shots, Spotify, and Stamped.  Justin Bieber never says never and does not stop believing in himself or his dreams.