Surf and Soul Tour – Beach Boys and The Temptations

Two of the greatest vocal groups of all time will be coming together again this year to do their Surf and Soul tour.  The Beach Boys and The Temptations are two American groups that have been performing for a combined total of nearly a hundred years so if anyone is wondering if this show is going to be worth the money, IT IS.  Anyone with that much musical know-how and experience that’s still in the music biz will put on a show the whole world will be talking about!

The Temptations sometimes called the Tempts or Temps achieved their fame as one of the most successful acts to record for Motown Records.  The group’s repertoire has included, R&B, doo wop, funk, disco, soul and adult contemporary music.  Formed originally as The Elgins, The Temptations have always featured at least five male vocalists/dancers and have become recognized for their choreography, distinct harmonies, and onstage suits.  They have also been attributed with influencing soul music as much as The Beatles were said to influence pop and rock music.  The Temptations still continue to perform and record for Universal Records with the one living original member, co-founder Otis Williams still in the line-up.  You can get your Surf and Soul Tour tickets here!

The Beach Boys, Iconic Southern California band were the original “boy band” they rose to popularity with their laid back surfer rock music.  They became music icons after cultivating a complex and groundbreaking sound that took the world by storm.  The generation who grew up listening to the music put out by The Beach Boys say this group helped shape them and the ideologies that many still live by today.  Monumental albums like Wild Honey and their debut album, Surfin’ Safari have helped to define them and the season of summer.  Mike Love is the only original Beach Boy to carry on the band’s name since Brian Wilson and his brothers, Carl and Dennis, and cousin Mike Love began singing and producing music while they were still in high school.

You can check out tour dates for the Surf and Soul Tour on website for all upcoming 2015 Beach Boys and The Temptations as they continue touring and making music for their fans the world over.  If you have never been to a live performance by either of these groups now is the time to change that because it is never too late to get out and have some “FUN FUN FUN”, Beach Boy & Temp style.