Linkin Park ‘Hunting Party Tour’

Linkin Park is back and ready to rock out with Rise Against and Mice & Men.  Linkin Park tickets are currently available as the tour is scheduled to begin Thursday, January 15th in Orlando, Florida and conclude on Saturday, February 14th in Edmonton, Alberta.  The bands are determined to hit up cities that haven’t had a chance to see them play, “Rock music was born in these towns, and for some reason these places tend to get overlooked Linkin- Park Rise Against Tourmuch more than they should. We want our fans there to know how much they matter to us,” explains Chester Bennington, lead vocalist of Linkin Park.  In regards to how the three bands got together, Tim Mcllrath, lead vocalist and guitarist of Rise Against clarifies, “After crossing paths with these guys at festivals around the world over the past decade, we’re excited to finally share the road with Linkin Park,” he further adds, “We think this will be a great experience for all our collective fans.”  Austin Carlile, Of Mice and Men, is especially eager to tour with Linkin Park, “We are really excited to be joining Linkin Park on The Hunting Party Tour. I performed the song ‘Faint’ with them recently at the Hollywood Bowl and it was incredible. Can’t wait to bring that experience to all our dedicated fans across America,” said Carlile. “The opportunity to tour with a band that inspired me to pursue music is mind-blowing, and that’s exactly what we want fans to experience when they see us together on tour.”  And don’t expect this to be a short performance by the headlining act, either; the group has a whopping 22 song set list, with room for five encores!  Furthermore, their summer tour received critical praise everywhere from Pulse Magazine to the Boston Music Spotlight.  This is sure to be one amazing tour, so don’t hesitate in grabbing your tickets today!