NFL International Series – Miami Dolphins vs Oakland Raiders

The Dolphins dominated in the first of only three NFL games that will be played internationally.  First game was Week 4 Raiders vs Dolphins on September 28.

Next game is Week 8 (October 26) Falcons – Lions, at 9:30 a.m. ET

Last game will be held Week 10 (November 9) Cowboys – Jaguars, 1 p.m. ET

The NFL returns to London for three games in 2014. Each game is played at Wembley Stadium, which has been home to the NFL International Series games since 2007.

It’s like nothing you would see here in the States.  We claim to love our football and we do.  There is no denying we love our football, however. Thousands of football fans poured into NFL International Dolphins Raidersone of Europe’s largest shopping districts, for the short half-mile stretch of road, the eye could see nothing but a sea of football jerseys. It was possible to see fans wearing gear from all 32 NFL teams.  Surprise guest this year came in the form of former Miami quarterback Dan Marino. Mr. Marino actually got the biggest cheer of the evening as many fans were seen sporting his aqua No. 13 jersey.

The NFL is not just weighing how to put a team in London the plan is already in motion.  If all goes according to predictions there may be a kick-off in Wembley Stadium in 2022.  With the International Series having such success the league does not see the momentum slowing down.

If the first game of the series is any indication of the popularity of International NFL series, well we may very well soon see an international Super Bowl.  In the first international game this year we saw the Miami Dolphins face the Oakland Raiders and dominate that game going home victors with a final score of 38 – 14. Even with the Raider Nation bringing such a huge fan-base with them from the states they were not able to bring home the win.

Wembley Stadium hosts major football matches such as FA Cup Final and home matches of the England National football team.  Boasting a seating capacity of 90,000 it’s the second largest stadium in the United Kingdom.  The stadium also hosts the rugby league challenge cup final and many music concerts.  Hopefully one day in the near future it will hosts the much anticipated international Super Bowl the NFL is hoping for.