Cowboys DT Okoye Recovers and is Back on the Field

DT Okoye recovers from one-in-a-million brain syndrome that is usually fatal it did put Okoye in a 145 day coma that left him with a significant memory gap of about 145 days.  Well he is back in football now, we wish him much luck getting back into the game and we wish him even more luck dealing with memory loss, there are many who empathize with him so we hope he knows he is not alone in this just reach out there is help and hope.

DT Okoye Recovered 2014Previously the Cowboys and Okoye were tight-lipped over the exact nature of “illness” that had taken the young seemingly healthy 27 year old man out of the game.  We found out that he had contracted anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis, an autoimmune syndrome that is potentially fatal. Okoye experienced a series of seizures and was out of football for 17 months. He has since reunited with DC Marinelli and is competing for a rotational role in Dallas. It is also not only a rare syndrome in general it is actually even more rare for a male to have it over a female it is a sad strange turn of events but thankfully he is back and can continue his training and onward to a full recovery.

Okoye was the number 10 overall draft pick in the 2007 draft and hasn’t been a regular starter since 2010. Let’s hope he has recovered enough from this massive medical hit to his immune system to stay healthy enough all year. Most people do not realize the medical implications of a hit to the immune system, but the NFL has Drs. for that he does not need our advice to take it easy.