Chromeo Announces ‘Frequent Flyer Tour’

The media is spilling the news everywhere, as the headlines read, “Chromeo Announces ‘Frequent Flyer Tour’ Across North America.” This is to promote their latest album ‘White Women’. Now if you don’t know who this band is, here is your chance to give them a try. This Canadian band consists of duo David Macklovitch aka Dave 1 and Patrick Gemayel aka P-Thugg who came together back into 2002 and created this electro-funk band. The band gives a modern day twist on a combination of disco, jazz and dance/pop music.This is a genre that has been sweeping across the United States, Australia and Canada.
The ‘Frequent Flyer Tour’, is being presented by Mallard Air and will feature other artists such as Big Freedia, Wave Racer and Mapei. When fans see the headline, “Chromeo Announces ‘Frequent Flyer Tour’ Across North America”, being promoted, the first thing they are looking for is the closest venue to them. Chromeo is scheduled to perform in close to 30 different venues in Canada and USA. The band will be performing in popular venues in places such as Seattle, New Orleans, Montreal, Chicago, Los Angeles, Calgary, Tuscon, San Diego, Birmingham, Columbus, Philadelphia, New York and many others. The group is definitely not discriminating against any location to show their best album featuring the leading single, “Sexy Socialite.”

Rumor on the rumor mill has it, that 2014 is the year for Chromeo to shine and rise to the top. After over 10 years of existence, many are stating that it is about time for this. People everywhere, are saying that this band has gotten stronger with regards to their music; which has been featured on video games and television shows around the globe. This group is definitely not your average funk band, they are well-educated jokesters with a lot of talent; they’ve just been waiting for the perfect moment to shine.