Susan Boyle Announces First American Tour

The Scottish singer, Susan Boyle, announces her first American Tour. A dream come true for the singer who rose to fame after almost winning in the 2009′s Britain’s Got Talent. Susan Boyle Concert Tickets are on sale now for this tour and are sure to sell out fast.

Known also as the “Woman Who Silenced Simon Cowell,” one of the judges in the talent search, Boyle sold six million copies of her album in six weeks after the event. Her rendition of “I Dream a Dream” from the musical play “Les Miserables” was included in the album.

Boyle, whose real name is Susan Magdalene, dedicated her performance at the Britain’s Got Talent to her mother, Bridget, who urged her to pursue her singing career, knowing Susan Boyle Concert Tickets Datesher daughter would surely win in competitions. With Bridget’s advice, Susan sent cut demo singing tapes to local and foreign television stations, recording studios, and to numerous singing competitions. She sought the help of Voice Coach Fred O’Neal to further hone her singing talent.

Her father, a retired World War II veteran, died in 1997, while her mother passed away in 2007. Being the youngest and without her own family, Susan took care of her till she died. She shunned singing and lived alone in her mother’s house with her cat, Peeble. She made herself busy by volunteering with the elderly in their church, at the same time shelved her singing aspiration.

She was later summoned by her O’Neal to join Britain’s Got Talent, saying it would be her last tribute for her mother. Though she lost to a dancing group during the finals, Susan made a tremendous impact with her powerful singing voice and great performance. She became an instant sensation as shown in 10 million views in You Tube, and tremendous sales of her album after the competition.

Her Christmas album, entitled “The Gift,” followed by the third album, “Someone to Watch Over Me,” also got record sales.

Fans who fondly call her “SuBo,” admired her for being so open with her life, as she also admitted to having Asperger’s syndrome, a certain kind of autism which sometimes caused her some difficulty in interacting with people. Maybe her honesty, her love for her family, and her very beautiful singing voice will truly endear her to millions of fans.

Susan’s First American Tour, is among her most dreamed part of her successful singing career. Find Concert Tickets to any event around the world here at