The New Drais Beach Club and Nightclub Opens in Vegas

Are you from or visiting Las Vegas and have always had a problem of how and where to find a nice place to relax at, more so during weekends after all week working? Then worry no more, there is a new thing in town. Las Vegas is one of those great cities where evolution is hand in hand with revolution, night life impresario and to add on it, the most visionary Victor Drai in the industry of hospitality has contributed in the good reputation of Las Vegas has built one of the great beaches you can ever think of. The New Drais Beach Club and Night Club opens in Vegas is the latest multi-sensory experiences absolutely taking the nightlife, entertainment and dining to the greater heights.

Having built himself a reputation as the number Las Vegas night club, Drai is on his way to transforming both the day life and nightlife prospect with his new state-of-the art, rooftop pool venue. The night club is one of its own kinds; it is built on an eleven storey building which is above the famous Las Vegas Blvd.

Drais Nightclub VegasThe New Drais beach club and night club that opens in Vegas, will be the new avenue of its own kind and will be opened with groundbreaking celebrations. This new beach club and night club will be able to accommodate guests 24/7. This new Drai’s is coming with some of the most dedicated and well trained and innovative staffs who will treat you as a king.

The new Drai’s beach club is built on a philosophy which states that, the night club and guests are the first priority. Drai’s will always stress on the comfort of guests. You will never miss one of the most interesting names in the music industry at Drai’s. You will also get to be entertained by the most professional and well trained world class DJs who will play the kind of music that sooths your soul. Pay them a visit today and you will forever remain one of their loyal customers because services at Drai’s are great.