Comedy Central Presents ‘Inside Amy Schumer’ Tour

If you are need of some much needed ‘tickling of your funny bone’, Amy Schumer ‘Inside Amy Schumer’ tour is the event you should definitely attend. This American funny lady is a multi talented actress, comedian, writer, and producer. She has been in the comedy industry from 2004 and has attained wild success in the comedy industry.

Now she has a special show on Comedy Central called Inside Amy Schumer. Her show was such a hit that it spawned a miniseries called ‘Behind Amy Schumer’. Her Comedy Central Special has been renewed for another season in 2014.

inside-amy-schumer-2014-tourAmy has taken part in famous shows e.g. NBC’s ‘Last Comic Standing’ and appeared in numerous Comedy Central productions. She has had Comedy Central specials from way back in 2010 and has been featured in movies and TV shows. Schumer has had appearances in shows like 30 Rock, Delocated, Girls, and Reality Bites Back.

TV, Movies, Comedy Specials, Amy Schumer Does It All!
She was present in both Comedy Central Roast Specials for Charlie Sheen (2011) and Roseanne Barr (2012). Many critics consider her an upcoming star when it comes to comedy. Her girl next-door appearance and sharp comedic humor make her shows a rib cracking and tantalizing event.

Her vast experience with different crowds enables her to find just the right combination of humor to send crowds doubled over in laughter. According to her, she prefers content that is shunned by other people (i.e. comedians). Her comedy shows delve into topics like sex, personal experiences/stories, and life. She has really been all over the comic industry. She now brings all the experiences and laughter she has gained to her shows.

Humor is like a cleaning clothe for the soul! If your soul needs some wiping, attending Amy Schumer’s ‘Inside Amy Schumer’ tour is the best way to do it. Get all the information of upcoming dates and venues and buy your ticket today!