One Direction – Where We Are Tour

The entire globe is gearing up for the One Direction – Where We Are Tour. This tour begins this summer and extends throughout the spring. The tour begins in Canada, and then it will sail across the United States, to almost every city. This band will be performing every hit song that they have ever created. They will also perform some songs that have never been heard before. Even better, they may even perform some popular songs sung by other artists. This is clearly a tour that will have something for everyone. This band also has a lot of close friends that are superstars, so at any moment they may bring forth any pop star from behind the stage.

Each concert will also be fan friendly. There will be fun games and sing-alongs for the entire family. Certain people will also have the chance to get up on stage and answer some band questions; however, no person will be required to go onto the stage if they do not want to. Prizes like shirts, posters, and album collections will be able to be won during each concert. Even better, each concert will have a time period where band members will sign autographs for free. This is one of the biggest reasons why people from all over the globe are expected to attend one of these great shows.

The concerts will also have some special and surprising opening and closing acts. Certain band members, in certain cities, will acknowledge some of the best fans they have from that particular city. Being that each one of these shows will be televised, fans from all around the world cannot wait to get into the closest arena where this band will be performing. This tour means more to the band than it does to the fans.