3 Doors Down Announce Acoustic Tour for 2014

Three Doors Down-a band that is well-known all around the world! Three Doors Down is having their Acoustic tour this upcoming year. Acoustic is the name of their latest album. For all you fans out there, you better start looking for their schedules and try to get tickets to at least one of their shows. They will be playing at different places across the country so there should be plenty of opportunities to hear them play live.

They have a lot of great hits that are enjoyed by everyone, not just fans of the band. A few 3 Doors Down 2014 Tourof their songs we chart toppers so you know they are good. They have been a band since 1996. Most bands never get this far. To have generations of fans is something that most never achieve. They are from Mississippi as well. They didn’t really become popular until the very late 1990’s early 2000’s and by 2004, they were pretty much known by everyone for their chart topping hit single Kryptonite which took the country by storm. For most people that song is still a favorite all these years later.

If you want to hear their new album live they will be on tour in 2014 so make sure that you start looking into ticket and location information soon because they are sure to sell out pretty quickly with such a wide fan base. After lasting 10 years in the spotlight they are still coming up with new music to make the fans proud. They should be very proud of themselves as well. they are not only a great band worth going to see but really holding on all this time is something a lot of bands couldn’t find a way to do so there must be something very special about them. Make sure you get your tickets before they are all sold out!