Cher Dressed To Kill Tour – A Must See

The much awaited Cher ‘Dressed to Kill’ Tour is surely refreshing news to her fans. It is no wonder Cher reputation precedes her since this is her twenty-sixth studio album and she is cher dressed to kill tourthrilled to be able to perform at concerts. Her last tour, named “The Farewell Tour” is considered as one of the events with more success ever pulled out by a solo performed. It was played 325 dates and it was seen by a breathtaking number of 5.5 million people.

Her youthful energy is one of her trademarks and her new lyrics reflect her strength and life philosophy. You will find a mixture of modern rhythms and beats. Bouncing back from heartbreak to shine again along with many other positive messages are celebrated throughout her songs. You will be able to find Cher’s new tour in many cities across Canada and the US at first and then it is expected to be announced in other countries and continents.