Keith Urban “Light the Fuse” Tour

Keith Urban is a four-time Grammy Award winner and one of the most stirring live performers in the industry and a judge in the American Idol. The Keith Urban “Light the Fuse” Tour started on 18 July 2013 in the heart of Ohio, Cincinnati with the second leg expected to take place in Omaha, Nebraska on 18 October 2013. First announced on March 25 2013, the tour launch was scheduled to feature Dustin Lynch as the special guest. Keith Urban’s eighth headlining tour is also expected to thrill those in Canandaigua NY on August 9. The tour seeks to support the Aussie country music singer’s upcoming eighth album dubbed the “Fuse”.
Keith Urban “Light the Fuse” tour will also feature new music expected to hit the stores this spring, including a brand new production, scope and size that has become identical with his electrifying concerts.

Keith Urban Light The Fuse Tour 2013Urban has a distinguishing trait that has become his typical approach on every concert. Many love his one-dimensional cheesy love songs in unique power ballad, country pop and pop-rock styles, clearly visible in his opening concert at Riverbend, which was a delight to his audience.

Whether his fans catch him in fall or the summer, the Australian country music singer is promising great music that has not been heard. He promised that even if the record has not been released at the beginning of Light the Fuse tour, they will be performing some songs from the new album, meaning the audience will get to hear some songs yet to be released.

Apart from the Keith Urban “Light the Fuse” Tour fall leg kicking off in 18 October in Omaha, other shows in Denver, Albuquerque and Austin have been lined up, where he will be performing in outdoor venues mostly for the first time in ten years.
However, a scrutiny of schedule of Urban’s tour has revealed some open dates for a number of weeks at the start of September and a few extra weeks within the month of October just after the completion of the first leg and the commencement of the second. Apparently, Urban has left these holes in case he were to be called to judge American Idol’s new season auditions although nothing has been confirmed.