Enjoying the NBA Playoffs One Series At A Time

Does the injury to Ryan Westbrook doom the Oklahoma City, or will Kevin Durant be enough to get the Thunder back to the NBA Finals? Will the Miami Heat sweep their way to the Finals? Are we all in store for another Spurs run?

These are the early questions in the 2013 NBA playoffs. Obviously these are all questions for future rounds.  Why are we looking forward instead of thinking about the here-and-now? Well, we are still in the first round and things are going much as people thought they would.

In the Eastern Conference…

  • The Miami Heat are making the Milwaukee Bucks fans wish the team was lottery bound.
  • The Indiana Pacers domination of the Atlanta Hawks is making the rest of the league begin to realize just how good this club really is.
  • The Chicago Bulls defense is making the New Jersey Nets work for it and may even take them out, only to be summarily dismissed in the second round by the Heat.
  • The New York Knicks are proving just how old the Celtics really are, and it looks like they could at least take the Heat to six games.

In the Western Conference …

  • The Oklahoma City Thunder are going to beat the Houston Rockets (even without Westbrook) because Kevin Durant is just that good.
  • The San Antonio Spurs are on the fast track to the conference finals, as the Los Angeles Lakers are too old and too injured to stop them and there are few other teams capable of taking out the trio of Ginobili, Parker, and Duncan.
  • The Denver Nuggets and Golden State Warriors are playing basketball without defense and that makes this one of the most enjoyable and pointless first series to watch.
  • The Los Angeles Clippers are going to outlast the Memphis Grizzlies in a series that will be the opposite of the one just mentioned. It will not be pointless though, as the Clips may be the only real hope to take out the Spurs in this odd numbered year. (Real NBA basketball fans know what this means!)

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