NCAA Tournament Renaming Project

The first two rounds of the NCAA Tournament need names. The third round is the Sweet Sixteen, the fourth is the Elite Eight, and the final two are collectively called the Final Four. Certainly there has to be some sort of alliteration to describe the first four days of the best basketball tournament of the year. At the very least, these first two round deserve to be called something other than the Round of 64 and the Round of 32 (even the first four games are called the Play-In Games!).

These are the four days that decimate the office pool. These are the only four days when most men will use the name Cinderella unprompted (albeit as an adjective). These are the four days before Dick Vitale begins preparing the nation for another championship run by ncaa 2013Duke (seriously, he may be the only Duke college basketball fan living outside of North Carolina!).

These first two rounds of the tournament are, according to a Forbes article, forcing one-third of IT departments to prepare to block, ban, or slow down streaming content in an effort to keep office productivity at acceptable levels. Something that actually hinders business as usual has to be honored with some kind of nickname, and it should not be purely gambling related (sorry “Bracket Buster”).

Cracked, the humor site has offered the “So-So Sixty-Four” and the “Thriving Thirty-Two”. While these names are amusing, they shed light on the fact that these rounds deserve a name to match the excitement they generate, the kind of excitement that has fans purchasing NCAA Tournament tickets to travel across the country to support their team.