The Denver Broncos and their Race to the Superbowl 2013

The Denver Broncos are in the NFL playoffs for a second consecutive season, but this time the Broncos fans are not going to have to hope for miracles to advance. Tebow is gone and the fans at Sports Authority Field at Mile High can win with something other than inspiring fourth quarter comebacks. Instead Denver Broncos tickets will feature the steady hand and the analytical mind of Peyton Manning and a championship caliber defense to guide the team’s way to New Orleans to play in Super Bowl XXXVLII at the newly named Mercedes Ben Superdome. At least that is what those fans with Denver Broncos tickets are going to believe.

John Elway knew signing Peyton Manning was a risk, but he also knew that the potential reward was something he could not pass on. The Denver Broncos and their fans knew Tebow was not the answer, no matter how many jerseys they would purchase in his name. Manning is a veteran with the ability to make Demaryuis Thomas and Eric Decker a duo to worry opposing defensive coordinators. The solid, though not far from stellar running of Willis McGahee will keep the defense honest, or at least honest enough to give Manning more than a few options.

Even with Manning acting as the on-field offensive coordinator, the Denver Broncos would be nothing without a stellar defense. Surely, Manning could have won the AFC West, a division with no other team posting a winning record. However, without Von Miller and Elvis Dumervil blitzing and causing havoc from the linebacker position the postseason would not last very long. The Broncos defense has managed to put up incredible numbers because of this pressure and the offense’s ability to dominate the clock. The playoffs are going to be a truly difficult road, as it is for any team in the NFL. Denver is not one to force a great deal of turnovers, so one bad game by Manning could spell doom for the team. Luckily, Manning rarely has these games.