Little Big Town 2013 “Tornado” Tour

Little Big Town has graduated from supporting act to headliner. The band spent last summer as part of the Rascal Flatts Changed Tour, performing with Eli Young and Edens Edge as featured players. With Tornado, the group is taking the spotlight for themselves.

The Tornado tour begins January 31, 2013 in Murray, Kentucky at the Lovett Auditorium. Little Big Town tickets for this tour will be available until May 5, 2013, when the 25-city tour schedule comes to an end in North Charleston, South Carolina at the North Charleston PAC.

Little Big Town is embarking on this winter and spring excursion to support the new album. Tornado is an album much deeper than “Pontoon”, the lead single and summer party groove. It is an album with a new producer who has shown them the way. Though the group first emerged as a harmonizing quartet, eventually that gimmick alone was not going to be enough.

Feeling the pressure, Jimi Westbrook, Phillip Sweet, Kimberly Schlapman, and Karen Fairchild co-wrote half the songs on the album and added much needed depth to the group dynamic. Throughout the albm each singer seems to have a moment to themselves. “Front Porch Thing” is a song for the guys, with Westbrook and Sweet dominating. “On Fire Tonight” has Schlapman and Fairchild playing with the listener, with Schlpaman going high and Sweet delivering low.

Little Big Town will have made a big jump if they are able to deliver as masterful a performance on stage as in the recording studio. This should not be an issue as producer Jay Joyce skipped the polish and put together a lo-fi stylized album. Basically, these musicians are good enough not to disappoint here, and this makes the Tornado tour something special.