Aerosmith Tickets and the Comeback

Nearly three years ago the band Aerosmith stood at a crossroad. Steven Tyler was refusing to be a part of a South American leg to their underwhelming tour, instead choosing to focus on an autobiography and his upcoming introduction as the newest judge on American Idol. Joe Perry and the rest of the group were so outraged they believed Tyler would leave the group, courting Lenny Kravitz to become the new lead singer and front man. In the end, Tyler would stave off departure rumors and Aerosmith’s future remained a fragile creature.

Fast forward to 2012 and Aerosmith is about to begin the Global Warming Tour with more than a little heat, and it is all because of the reality show four-fifths of the group so reviled. The young fan base has been introduced to a flamboyant character who at times resembles a quirky aunt and now are intrigued by this concept known as “Aerosmith”.

This concept band is also coming out with a new album, the first in eight years. Currently untitled and set for release on a mystery date destined to fall somewhere in the middle of the tour, many are intrigued by the recording. Tyler and Perry have built it up to be a bit something old and new. Does this mean the group is going to follow in Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band’s footsteps, importing a little inspiration from Arcade Fire to keep up with the times?

One would look to the opening act on this massive tour to get a feel for what to expect. However, Cheap Trick is difficult to define, as they have been the influence for everything from hard to typical rock and even power pop. If anything, Arcade Fire most is likely to include Cheap Trick as an influence. So, at the very least, those interested in Aerosmith tickets should expect a set list dominated by the hits still receiving radio rotation today. That means plenty of “Sweet Emotion” and inspiration to “Walk This Way”. That also means the band should be taking a few musical risks, perhaps alienating fans who want their rock classic.