War Horse Tickets for a soon to be Oscar and Tony Award Winner

The first War Horse trailer intrigued audiences, gently tugging at the heart strings across the English-speaking world, but this second War Horse trailer takes a tight grip and pulls back as hard as it can. Watching this extended War Horse trailer makes me hold my breath as the title screens and the soft symphonic movie music make me want to cheer while sitting in my chair.

Indie Wire’s blog called it Oscar bait, and if there is one director that knows how to seduce the Academy Awards it is Steven Spielberg. He also is smart enough to take a product that is already receiving its due attention and ramp up the emotional cues with incredible orchestration and beautiful action sequences.

War Horse will be the darling of the silver screen across the United States come Christmas, but it is already the glint in the eye of Broadway. Every once in a while the theater community needs a dramatic play to avert some of the criticism of its penchant for big budget musicals that are saccharine are smug. Recently that has meant a journey down the deep dark path that is David Mamet’s mind, but this time Broadway has welcomed a British import that is surely sentimental but understated enough to stand alone as something different.

Last week War Horse grossed $990,180 at the Beaumont and nearly filled the theater to capacity, coming in at 99.9 percent. The astounding puppetry and the harkening back to a Great War often forgotten by the History Channel – probably because of the lack of footage – has earned an audience. The movie is certainly going to inspire interest in the play across the nation, so while Spielberg has benefited from a pre-packaged product, the relationship is symbiotic. I expect the Playbill receipt numbers for War Horse tickets to exceed 100 percent as the movie release draws near.