Josh Gad, From Book of Mormon Tickets to MTV and Hollywood

Josh Gad is a busy fellow these days. He is starring in a hit Broadway musical and is cashing in on his new found popularity by landing a gig as a voice over artist on MTV and playing more prominent film roles. Gad has basically ensured that he will be the biggest star once Book of Mormon tickets are collected for the original cast’s final bow.

The actor has made less than memorable appearances on both the small screen and the big screen. Gad has appeared in episodes of ER and Numb3rs. He has also portrayed minor characters in 21 and Love and Other Drugs. He gained a notoriety he could not imagine once Book of Mormon musical tickets began topping the Broadway box office numbers and Book of Mormon reviews heaped praise upon the entire cast.

Now he is becoming the Jonah Hill from the East Coast. He is going to lend his voice to the new MTV animated series Good Vibes opposite Adam Brody. Not much is known about the series, except that from the clip on Perez Hilton. It appears to be the chronicles of the high school underlings, following the dweebs and dorks. The cast of the show will be appearing at the New York City Comic-Con.

Gad is set to join the cast of the in an indie film as well. According to Variety, he will be part of a sex addiction recovery group with Mark Ruffalo, Tim Robbins, Gwyneth Paltrow and Joely Richardson. Josh will give the perspective of a sex addict who does not have natural good looks on his side.

Hopefully, he will find a major movie project soon. I could see him in something similar to Get Him to the Greek. In the age of celebrating the underdog and worshipping nerd culture Gad should have plenty of opportunity to see his star power rise.