Which Game Would You Want Yankees Tickets For?

The Yankees got to throw the last of the season before beginning the 2011 MLB postseason with an ALDS series against the Detroit Tigers. All seems well in New York, but all those looking forward to another trip to the World Series should take a look at the team in front of them.

Mainly, my concern would be the starting pitching matchups. CC Sabathia begins the series opposite Justin Verlander, Ivan Nova starts opposite Doug Fister, and Freddy Garcia is opposite Max Scherzer. Verlander is a beast who can shut down any lineup. Fister has been phenomenal since coming over from Seattle. Scherzer is the one weak link.

Now, Sabathia can hold his own against Verlander. Yankee fans should be worried about Nova vs. Fister. Nova has been winning, but he relies on run support a whole heck of a lot more than Sabathia. Garcia vs. Scherzer is a tossup. Garcia is inconsistent, but he has far more playoff experience than Scherzer.

Basically, if I had my choice of tickets, I would take the Yankees tickets for Game 1 to enjoy a pitchers’ duel instead being forced to rely on the inexperienced Nova and the ancient Garcia.