Selena Gomez Tickets: She?s All Grown Up

From her tour opener at the New York State Fair to her revealing dress at the MTV VMAs, singer/actress/model Selena Gomez has come a long way from her Disney roots. She has entered Britney Spears territory, attempting to clarify to the world that she is no longer the same young actress from “Wizards of Waverly Place”. No she is a fully legal young woman who demands the right to dress and acts as she desires without having to look to her fans’ parents for approval before they purchase Selena Gomez tickets.

At the state fair performance she donned multiple costumes, including a skin-tight, shimmering dress that showed off her model figure. Her musical choices reflected her new attitude, as her tracks from Selena Gomez and the Scene’s third full-length album, When the Sun Goes Down, reflected her entrance into the world of staying up all night and partying.

Now, there is a parallel to draw between Gomez and Spears. Both started in the Disney star factory and were developed as both actresses and musicians. Selena’s path has been a bit more difficult. Britney took some years between her Mickey Mouse Club days and her introduction to the world as a teenage sexpot. Gomez has been trying to make the move while remaining in the public light. Unfortunately, just as mothers and fathers have difficulty accepting their children’s development into independent young adults, parents and critics have an issue letting their child stars grow up.

However, Selena Gomez forced these two groups to look at her in a different light at the 2011 MTV VMAs. She did make a drunken fool of herself, but showed up as a celebrity reporter, wearing a tight black lace dress and flirting with her boyfriend (tastefully, mind you) on national television.

She is not going this alone. Demi Lovato is a welcome friend to go through this trying transition. She also has a boyfriend who apparently can charm the nation with winks, nudges, and haircuts in Justin Bieber.

Teen and tween fans are going to witness this transition live on stage as Selena Gomez and the Scene traverse the nation on their headlining tour. Yes, there will be some innocent ballads, but her newest tracks are all about independence and she will be putting on a stage show to match in these concerts.