The OnlineSeats Las Vegas Series: Cirque Elvis Tickets Getting a Face Lift

Elvis may have been the king of rock and roll and he may be ubiquitous on the Strip, but he is neither royalty nor omnipresent with the famed Cirque du Soleil. Cirque du Soleil Viva Elvis is scheduled to take an extended hiatus in January to accommodate a reboot for the struggling production.

While Cirque du Soleil can happily claim that none of the seven Las Vegas productions has closed (i.e. failed), Elvis is the second to need tweaking. The first was Criss Angel’s Believe. That show needed to be a little less Cirque and a little more Criss. This is Vegas, the one city that can continually foster a residential magic show Meanwhile, Viva Elvis needs the opposite. The original production is a bit more biopic and a little less acrobatic.

Well, the plans call for the importation of aerialists and acrobatics from the abandoned Japanese production of Zed. Elvis will sing, but the narrator will likely fade away with incredible visual performances filling the void. If anything, Viva Elvis tickets will be Cirque du Soleil tickets for one of the most amazing rock concerts ever.

Both the MGM resort management and the Cirque du Soleil team are in agreement. The show simply did not hook the audience, an audience likely in search of death defying aerials as Elvis sings from his catalogs of hits. This new show could easily work and it is a moved opposed by no one. The cast gets bigger, the hotel and casino get a more attractive show, and even Priscilla Presley is being supportive of the shift of emphasis from story to song.

Cirque du Soleil Viva Elvis tickets will be available for the original biopic at the Aria Resort and Casino until the end of 2011. Beginning in January 2012, the show will go on hiatus and will return in the spring with a new emphasis on a collaboration of stunning audio and visual elements.