Dallas Cowboys Tickets May Come Down to the Slot Receiver

Last season the Dallas Cowboys finished sixth in the NFL in passing yards, even with Romo under center for just six games. Well, if the fans want Dallas Cowboys tickets to extend beyond the 2011 regular season into the NFL playoffs, this team is going to have to figure out just how to put together as prolific an air attack with Miles Austin, Dez Bryant in his first healthy year in the league, and a collection of unproven wide receivers.

Yes, there has been some sentiment that the Cowboys need to be more concerned with Felix Jones’ health and the offensive line’s ability to open holes for the running game and close them for the passing game. Certainly this is true. Even in this pass happy age of the NFL, teams need to have some sort of a balance on offense to advance very far in the playoffs.

However, the Cowboys still need a solid third receiver to take the field 47 percent of the time. That is the percentage of plays Jason Garrett used a three-man set as offensive coordinator. I would imagine he do much the same as the head coach. If your third option is Kevin Ogletree, a man with 10 career receptions in his three years on the Cowboys roster, you may have some issues.

There are some interesting names still available on the free agent list. T.J. Houshmanzadeh, Santana Moss, and Terrell Owens are some intriguing big names on the list. They may be a little too expensive though, and that is the reason Dallas released Roy Williams. Some of the cheaper options could be Bryant Johnson, Brandon Stokely, Laurent Robinson, and Greg Lewis would be economical additions.

This addition could be the biggest factor in the Dallas Cowboys mission for redemption. Sure, Tony Romo essentially uses Jason Whitten as a wide receiver, but by stretching the secondary with three solid options the Cowboys could keep the defense well rested and could light up the score board as in seasons’ past. Watch for a move in the next few days, unless Jerry Jones is overly optimistic about Dwayne Harris’s 5-reception, 127 yard, and 2-touchdown performance against the Broncos practice squad Thursday night.

If anything, the first preseason game demonstrated to fans that Rob Ryan has not quite turned this defensive unit around and created a punishing, unstoppable force. So, I would presume the Cowboys are going to need to be able to put up points in a hurry, and Tony Romo is going to need a decent third option in the slot if he is going to play gunslinger.