Cirque du Soleil Tickets: A Buffett of Options in Las Vegas

Only a city known as Sin City could be the unofficial American home of Cirque du Soleil. The Montreal-based contemporary circus troupe has seven shows in production on the Las Vegas strip, the most in any city across the vast continental United States. The incredibly creative company is such a force on the Strip that no single hotel or hotel conglomerate has a monopoly on Crique du Soleil tickets!

Criss Angel Believe headlines at the Luxor, Ka brings a story to life at the MGM Grand, the Beatles Love inspires nostalgia at the Mirage, Mystere overwhelms the visual sense at Treasure Island, O brings aquatics into the mix at the Bellagio, Viva Elvis takes the much documented Elvis devotion in Las Vegas to a new level, and Zumanity is an erotic circus at New York-New York.

Just as the shows are spread out throughout the major Las Vegas hotel and casinos, the shows each offer something different to the crowd. Yes, all incorporate awe-inspiring acrobatics and seemingly impossible flexibility, but some are meant to pay homage to legends (the Beatles Love and Viva Elvis). Some are meant to push the bounds of a stage show by creating an aquatic show (O). Some are meant to be a classic Cirque production with a combination of world music, comedy, street theater, and the patented acrobatics. Some are meant to push the companies own bounds and tell a single story (Ka). Some are meant to delve into the adult world with a little class and much tongue in cheek (Zumanity). Some are meant to draw inspiration from Vegas’ show entertainment history and combine magic and an elaborate visual frenzy (Criss Angel Believe).

Really, Cirque du Soleil has had as big of an impact on Las Vegas as Vegas has had on the company. Before Cirque, major hotel and resorts were afraid to spend big money on productions. Las Vegas was a world of comedians, magic acts, and burlesque shows. Then, in the early 1990s, Treasure Island swept in to take a chance on Mystere after Caesars Palace abandoned its potential partnership with Cirque du Soleil. Mystere still runs today and still sells out the Mystere Theatre, where it has astounded audiences since 1993.

Las Vegas has served as an inspiration for Cirque as well. Cirque du Soleil sought to create lavish productions using circus arts from around the world, but it is in Vegas that the acclaimed company has found the influence to delve into shows that pay homage to beloved musicians, using the soundtracks of the Beatles and Elvis to go one step further than simple homage, celebrating the devotion these fans continue to this day. Also, the most recent show, Criss Angel Believe, has taken on the world of illusion. One would think this would be a natural pairing, but it took Vegas, the only place a magician can become a legend, to inspire the collaboration between the circus arts and magic.

There is no sign the perfectly symbiotic relationship between the tourist haven in the desert known as Las Vegas and the contemporary circus that blows away Ringling Brothers known as Cirque du Soleil will end any time soon. So, find your Cirque du Soleil tickets to any of the seven shows and enjoy a show that will overwhelm your senses and imagination.