Paul McCartney Tickets: On the Run from Time

Quite recently Sir Paul McCartney discussed his upcoming plans with Geoff Lloyd on Absolute Radio and the Beatle seemingly came apart from a PR stand point. Amidst the typical discussions of the upcoming On the Run tour, a new album, and the re-issuing of two solo albums, he lambasted the Queen of England for failing to knight any of the other three Beatles and put the ultimate decision to break up the Beatles on John Lennon.

Why would this man who has become the loving grandfather of modern music go off the promotional deep end? Well, we must remember that Paul McCartney has not always been so easy to love. He has caused his fair share of controversy and, with the re-release of two of his solo albums- Paul McCartney and Paul McCartney II- he is reliving much of the emotional landscape surrounding the time of the original releases.

McCartney, the album, was released just as the Beatles were about to breakup in 1970. Yes, his story may be true to a point. He, George, and Ringo may have been on the fence about disbanding and John may have said it was time to quit, but the band had run its course in a mere decade and had to contend with two driven, creative masterminds in John and Paul and one who had put his vision on hold in George.

Remember, the Beatles breakup was hardly without its share of outbursts from all the former members. They negatively reviewed each other’s albums, hinting that perhaps all the other three needed was a nudge when John provided a shove.

McCartney II came out after a five year delay at a time when Paul was considering disbanding Wings. He had just returned to his farm after being forced to cancel the Wing 1980 tour of Japan following his possession of marijuana and his being taken into custody. Ironically, it would be John Lennon who again served as the impetus for the band’s breakup, this time with the news of his murder.

Essentially, both these albums come from quite contentious times in his life when Paul was at a professional and emotional crossroad. To that end, a more appropriate name for the On the Road Tour would be the Turning Point Tour. Either way Paul McCartney tickets would still sell out to any kind of stadium (personally I think he should have gone all out and done a football stadium tour).

I am sure all the diehard Beatles fans out there that would rather live in a world where the Beatles always loved and respected each other will be glad to hear Paul’s next album will be all about the covers. So, while these albums re-release proves that time does not heal all wounds, Paul should be able to avoid that pretty bitter and trying emotional landscape all together.