Katy Perry Tickets: Let Your Diva Flag Fly Free

A crazy concert rider and domestic partner kicked out of the country later and Katy Perry has arrived, embodying both the denotation and connotation of that wonderful term diva. Yes, the weekend began with a buzz in Japan as the first Katy Perry tickets of her brief Asian tour leg were about to be good for a concert in Nagoya at the Zepp Nagoya.

Then things on the Katy Perry front began to get weird. It began with Smoking Gun’s release of Perry’s 45-page tour rider that included demands for flowers (absolutely sans carnations), a no contact policy for her driver, and the right to resell a block of her concert tickets on the secondary ticket market.

OK, so the seemingly relatable singer has a secret list of demands. This is nothing new, nor nothing too terrible. She is still far from Mariah Carey territory. Some of her demands extended the lavish gifts and meals to her tour staff, so her PR team has something to work with to turn this into a non-story.

Well, just a day later her husband Russell Brand is deported from the isle nation of Japan. Reportedly, he was kicked out of the country for an incident that occurred over a decade ago when he embodied teh term diva in every sense of the word. Still, all this can hardly have made this the best weekend for the pop star. She still has three more concert dates in Japan but luckily she will get to put this leg of the world tour behind her by Friday, when she gets to return to the U.S. and take a break before her first North American concert date on June 7, 2011 in Duluth, Georgia at the Arena at Gwinnett Center.

The media savvy will be expecting to see the singer and her hubby embarking on an extensive PR tour, hitting the late night talk shows and allowing MTV an insider look, all the while Perry and Brand should be making little jokes and maybe even posting a Funny or Die video to ensure her fans that she is as down to Earth as anyone, anyone with a mutl-platinum album and a world tour under her belt, or her black and white checkered suspender skirt.