Player of the Week: One Week into the MLB Season

The first week of MLB baseball has come and gone, and if the season ended today there would be one clear MVP candidate in the AL, the Texas Rangers’ Nelson Cruz. Cruz has been on a tear, crushing the ball over the fence, making plenty of contact, and driving in the runners when he has the chance.

Now, RF Cruz is not going to keep up his incredible numbers. He is hitting .450 with a .520 on base percentage and an obscene 1.150 slugging percentage. Cruz is tied with a host of other players for the MLB lead in homeruns with four and is fifth in the MLB with 9 RBI. Still, it is nice to see this not-so-young player posting such gaudy stats early in the years.

Cruz hit 55 homeruns in his career before the start of the season and now is projected to hit 108 this season. I am going to go out on a limb and say he does not demolish Barry Bonds single season home run record. Rather, he is well on his way to matching the power numbers in his breakout year in 2009.

His hitting looks much better so far, but it is still extremely early and a bad week could put him on pace to hit .260 again. Still, he is definitely the player of the week, even though Philadelphia Phillies new ace Roy Halladay went 2-0 with a .56 ERA, .94 WHIP, and 17 strikeouts in 16 innings.

Halladay is dominating the National League, as expected, after pitching in arguably the best hitting division in baseball. I think in the end Roy Halladay will have a much better season than Cruz, but Cruz deserves some applause while he can get it.

In fact, if I had to put out team power rankings right now, I’d have to put the Philadelphia Phillies at the top of the list. They are tied for the best record with a 5-1 record and are the most prolific team in baseball, scoring 43 runs. They have only allowed 18 runs overall, meaning they have scored 25 more runs than their opponents in just 6 games. They have won by an average of 4.16 runs a game! There haven’t even been any Philadelphia Phillies tickets used yet, this is all on the road.

Sure the opponents were the Washington Nationals and Houston Astros, but you can hardly blame the Phillies for winning.