Miss Pop Tart?s Survival Guide for those Lucky Ladies with Coachella Tickets

Ah, Springtime….birds are chirping, the sun is shining, that guy you have been crushing on since November casually mentions that he has two Coachella tickets and has no clue who to give the other one to….would you be interested? HELL YES! Cupid will surely be in Indio this summer, along with Vampire Weekend, Muse, and a bunch of other acts ranging from DEVO to De La Soul… it will be AMAZING!

Then it hits you: What in the hell does one WEAR to a festival (where it is hot, you will be outside all day, and you WILL want to dance) and still remain stylish? Listen to Miss Pop Tart, a Coachella veteran.

Dresses are your friend. Especially cotton, preferably with pockets (but we can’t have everything, now can we?) I recommend Maxi dresses, as you can sit on the ground, perfectly comfortably, and still be ladylike.

Get one of those sport bag cinch back pack things. Hate the logo? Don’t feel like advertising someone’s brand? Flip it where it is against your back. What goes in the bag? A folding fan, a parasol, sunscreen, water, sunglasses and lip gloss. (Trust me on this – the parasol and fan will make you one of the most popular people there – everyone will want in on the shade and breeze. It might even be enough to make Mr. “I have Coachella Tickets if you want to go” ask if you want to get some Bonnaroo tickets, too! )

Have a FABulous time!

Miss Pop Tart