NFL Week 5 Predictions

No Bears, no Packers, no Saints, no Chargers oh my! What will Week 5 behold without two of the classic football franchises and what may be the NFL’s best football team. We can do without the Chargers until the last five or six weeks since that is when they start playing for real and making there annual improbable playoff run. This week definitely has some interesting match ups, but there are plenty of blowouts on the horizon to boost the fantasy numbers.

NFL Week 5 Predictions

Cleveland Browns (0-4) at Buffalo Bills (1-3)

Dick Jauron will keep his job one more week as the Terrell Owens has his 2009 breakout game against a team reeling from an early season quarterback change and a trade that sent their most talented receiver to the Jets. The game will be ugly, but the Bills talent advantage has to work in their favor against more than just the likes of Tampa Bay.

Dallas Cowboys (2-2) at Kansas City Chiefs (0-4)

The Dallas Cowboys have proven that they can beat up on terrible teams. Enter the Kansas City Chiefs. This is a band aid game to re-instill Romo’s confidence with a nice beating on a helpless team. The Chiefs will put up a fight and the Cowboys fans will leave wishing Matt Cassel was their quarterback even thought they won.

Minnesota Vikings (4-0) at St. Louis Rams (0-4)

Adrian Peterson will take this opportunity to remind the NFL why he is the very best running back in the league. I expect a performance similar to his first game of the season when Peterson ran for 180 yards aganst the Browns. The Vikings are going to win big because their past two wins have been a little too close for comfort.

Oakland Raiders (1-3) at New York Giants (4-0)

Call me crazy but I smell an upset as Bruce Gradowski takes over for JaMarcus in the first half and shocks the Giants. Things are just going too well for the Giants and they are too big of favorites according to Vegas not think something will happen to spoil their time on top of the NFC East.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (0-4) at Philadelphia Eagles (2-1)

McNabb, Westbrook, and the defense are going to comeback with a passion in this thrashing of the NFL’s newest whipping boy, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. This is a good week to have one of the Eagles playmakers on your fantasy team.

Pittsburgh Steelers (2-2) at Detroit Lions (1-3)

The Pittsburgh Steelers are going to make Dante Culpepper wish he was back coaching Pop Warner football. The Lions are coming off a bad loss and have a baldy beaten up roster. The Steelers should use this game to sell Rashard Mendenhall to the Steelers nation.

Washington Redskins (2-2) at Carolina Panthers (0-3)

The Carolina Panthers will solve the Washington Redskins scoring problems in this game. Somehow the Redskins are averaging just 14 points a game despite putting up 325 yards a game. This will be an offensive explosion for Washington, but Jake Delhomme will come off the bye week with a vengeance and take the Panthers on a last second winning drive.

Cincinnati Bengals (3-1) at Baltimore Ravens (3-1)

Who thought that we would be talking about the Bengals-Ravens game in Week 5 as a major division battle for first place? Despite the Ravens loss to the Patriots last week, they are the more balanced team and will win this bitter division game.

Atlanta Falcons (2-1) at San Francisco 49ers (3-1)

The 49ers have been playing inspiring defense and move the ball on the ground. The Falcons have been unable to live up to last season’s standards and have a terrible run defense. The 49ers win this game by a healthy margin.

Jacksonville Jaguars (2-2) at Seattle Seahawks (1-3)

With Hasselbeck most likely out for a fourth game in a row the Seahawks will again be playing shorthanded. The Jaguars have won two games in a row over two teams with bad defenses. Seattle has a decent defense and Seneca Wallace is due for a win. Have to go with the Seattle Seahawks.

Houston Texans (2-2) at Arizona Cardinals (1-2)

The Houston Texans have displayed an explosive offense of late and the Arizona Cardinals have been pretty good when playing against teams that struggle on the defensive side of the ball (like the Texans). This game should a highly enjoyable shootout. In the end I have to believe that the bye week did the Cardinals good and they will win.

New England Patriots (3-1) at Denver Broncos (4-0)

After picking against the Denver Broncos all season long I have to say that I believe in them. This, of course, means I have to pick against them because once you start believing in a team that have to lose to test your confidence in them. The Patriots came off a big win against the Ravens and see this as another chance to show just how good they are.

Indianapolis Colts (4-0) at Tennessee Titans (0-4)

Colts win. They may not win big because these are divisional rivals, but they will win nonetheless.

New York Jets (3-1) at Miami Dolphins (1-3)

The New York Jets defense will stop the inventive play calling from the Dolphins sidelines and make this a poorly chosen Monday night game by the league. The Vegas line has this one close, but I simply cannot see a team without a big play quarterback beating a good defense, even if this might be a revenge game for Pennington.

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