Sugarland Takes A Timeout

There is some disappointing news for Sugarland fans. Jennifer Nettles has been struggling with voice problems since January and it has gotten to the point where the band has had to cancel several shows so she can take a bit of time and give her voice a rest. Nettles posted a video message to the fans letting them know the situation. She says, “I sang too much. And I blew my voice. It’s like a muscle. It’s like any other part of your body. If you sprain it or strain it, then you have to heal it, or else you will break it. And I don’t want to break it. I want us to come back out there and see you.” The band has been busy in the studio and on the road and that is what has caused the problem. The group was supposed to perform with Kenny Chesney this past Saturday and then with Keith Urban on Sunday and they had to cancel both shows. They had to cancel some shows back in 2008 as well as take about 10 days off in May of 09’ as well. How frustrating for Jennifer, the band and fans. Hopefully some well needed rest will help.

Good news for Keifer Sutherland. All charges have been dropped in that unusual head butting case back in May. It was said that Keifer bashed heads with someone after he accidently bumped into Brooke Shields at an after party. Keifer had been charged with 3rd degree assault from the incident. The D.A. said, “We declined to prosecute after a full investigation, and that included speaking to the complaining witness who was quite uncooperative. Therefore the D.A. declined to prosecute.” It appears that Keifer and Jack McCullough the man who bumped into Brooke worked it out amongst themselves and this also led to the charges been dropped against him. Good news for Keifer considering he is in the midst of serving a 5 year probation sentence from a D.U.I charge back in 2007.

Marc Anthony loves his Miami Dolphins. In fact he loves them so much he is now a minority owner of the football team. One of the new main owners of the team, Stephen Ross, an entrepreneur, wants to focus on rebranding the team and he feels a way to fill up the stadium is “with a blend of entertainment and winning football.” Sound like a smart plan to me. Gloria Estefan and her husband are minority owners in the team as well. Speaking of blending entertainment with football…Marc Anthony will sing the national anthem at the game on October 12th against the New York Jets. The game will be televised on ESPN’s “Monday Night Football.”
Who starts these rumors anyway? Yesterday it was reported that Jamie Kennedy proposed to his girlfriend, Jennifer Love Hewitt (from the Ghost Whisperer), while performing in California at the Laugh Factory. Both Kennedy’s and Hewitt’s reps are saying that “there is no truth to the report.” Jennifer did say in a recent interview that “by this time next year, if we’re not planning something, then there’s a situation.” They are a sweet couple; I hope he does pop the question.

You may not be surprised by this statement but I do not think Lady Gaga is going to be winning any fashion awards. In fact she better be careful, because the fashion police might just arrest her at any given moment. The other day though she wore a doozie during an interview in Germany. She was wearing a top made completely of Kermit the frog stuffed toys. It was atrocious….there was even a frog on her head. Take a look. How she left her house in this and then appeared on TV, I just do not even understand, but hey that is just my opinion. What do you think?