A Little More than Your Usual Dose of Gossip

I warn you I am on a bit of a tirade this morning after this story I just read. And for the record maybe it is just too much coffee but I must tell you about this. Not exactly celebrity gossip but I promise if you hear me out I will get to that. For the record, after reading this latest story I may never get a good night’s sleep again. This story definitely needs to be filed under the topic…what were they thinking?? Ok basically here is the gist; it seems that Burmese python pet owners who have become overwhelmed with their pet snakes are apparently letting them loose in the Florida Everglades. A whole team has been put together called the “Python Patrol” to catch these things that are not only threatening the eco system and eating all the animals in site, but seem to be making their way into the Florida Keys. Oh that is so not ok!!! Where do I even begin, these snakes (and let me tell you I cannot even look at the pictures) can grow to over 20 feet long and weigh over 200 pounds and can live up to 30 years. They have been known to eat a 5 foot long alligator whole and even a bobcat. They can travel up to almost 2 miles a day and already 8 have been found in the Florida Keys. So this group has been put together to learn how to capture them and respond quickly if people find them. They hope to find them and stop them from breeding which could really turn into a big problem. At this point there are already an estimated 30 THOUSAND of these pythons living in the Everglades National Park. So people if you have one or know anyone who has one of these as a pet, tell them if you do not want it call for help do not let it go free, seriously not a good solution. People do not want to find one of these in their backyard or worse in their house. I shudder at the thought! Plus that can’t be all that good for tourism in the Keys now can it? 

I feel much better, thank you. Ok now onto some good stuff. First off Stevie Nicks, who is touring again with Fleetwood Mac, is in the news. She is 60 and looks fabulous! She has a lot to be happy about these days in addition to touring again with the band for the first time in 5 years. She has lost weight, thanks to her Power Plate workouts and has just released a new CD and DVD called “The Soundstage Sessions” and “Live in Chicago” DVD. I had never heard of this workout but apparently in a short amount of time a few times a week, it can help you lose weight. It is a vibration platform that helps you with balance and contracting a releasing your muscles way more than a regular workout because you are trying to stay on the platform without being shaken right off. It is said that Madonna has used the system for years as well, as part of her workout routine. And there is some baby news to report today. Michelle Obama sat down with Oprah to clear up any speciation about a baby bump that people said she was sporting. The First Lady says she is not pregnant and that she and Barack have no plans to have more kids. The poor thing was probably just enjoying all that White House cooking and everyone thinks she is pregnant.   Alyson Hannigan, from “How I Met Your Mother”, welcomed a baby girl, Satyana Denisof on March 24th  which also happens to be Hannigans birthday. Pete Wentz, from Fall Out Boy, is laughing off rumors that him and wife, Ashlee Simpson are having marriage problems. He says they are happy and taking care of their baby, Bronx. The couple hasn’t seen much of each other lately but that is just part of the job. The couple will actually celebrate their 1 year wedding anniversary on May 17th.