Jennifer Hudson – Getting on with Her Life

Ellen DeGeneres is just the nicest person ever! Her most recent act of kindness involved Jennifer Hudson. While visiting the show this week, Ellen presented Jennifer with an engagement gift – a tandem bike. How thoughtful. Jennifer told Ellen that her and her fiancée love to ride bikes together and they enjoy taking Jennifer’s 3 Pomeranians to dog park. After the tragedy in her life, Hudson is getting her life back on track. She is planning her wedding and even has even set a date, although she is not sharing. She also has taped a performance that will air at a later date for “American Idol” and she is getting ready to go on tour with Robin Thicke to promote her new album. Good for you Jennifer you deserve happiness in your life.

Miley Cyrus fans will have a chance to see their favorite girl perform solo at the Country Music Awards next month.  Miley will be singing her Hannah Montana hit, “The Climb”. Miley will be in good company with all of country’s favorite like Reba McEntire, Lee Ann Womack and John Rich performing as well. You can catch the show live from Las Vegas on April 5th on CBS.

Are you ready to hear what Rihanna has done now?? She has added a new tattoo to her collection and this one will make you take pause. The 21 year olds newest tattoo is on her ribcage and is of a gun.  Is it me or is that just a bit disturbing? I guess in lieu of her current situation it is not that odd but still – a gun across her ribs? She wanted to put them on her arms but since she is a Cover Girl model you can imagine they would not have liked that very much. Guns are not exactly the image Cover Girl is trying to portray. In addition to the gun tattoo, Rihanna is sporting stars down her back, a Pisces sign behind her right ear, a star inside her left ear, a music note on her ankle and the word “shhh” on her index finger. Ok Rihanna stop before you mess up that beautiful body of yours.
And last but not least…Matt is back! After avoiding hitting a deer and surgery earlier this week Matt Lauer was back on the “Today Show” this morning. His arm was in a sling and will remain that way for about 6 weeks.   Welcome back Matt, mornings just aren’t the same without you.