Hollywood Scoop

Fergie is one busy lady these days but one thing not on the agenda at the moment, are kids. Let’s see what she has been up too. First, Fergie is newly married to hottie, Josh Duhamel. She is going to be touring this summer with The Black Eyed Peas and she just dyed her hair brown. Her big accomplishment of the moment is her new shoe line that she has been promoting. In fact many of her fans found her signing autographs at Nordstrom’s in Los Angeles to promote her new line. With so much on her plate at the moment Fergie see no time for babies, but once things settle down and the tour ends you just never know.

David Letterman is bachelor no more. After date Regina Lasko for 23 years the two finally tied the knot on March 19th at the Teton County Courthouse in Montana. Letterman and Lasko have a 5 year old son, Harry. It’s about time Dave…I guess better late than never. One more engagement shocker, Danny Bonaduce proposed to his girlfriend Amy Railsback. The two have been dating for about 2 years and so far have not set a date. She was a teacher but is currently his manager. So I am guessing she has seen his old reality show, “Breaking Bonaduce”. She is 26 and he is 50 and he gave her a ring that consists of skull and crossbones with “rubies in the eyeball”. Just in case she better watch is again before she marches down that isle don’t you think?

Several weeks ago there was some discrepancy with the name of M.I.A.s new baby. She was incensed that people thought she had named her new baby Ickett. Well just when you thought you were thankful that was not the poor child’s name, we come to find out his name instead is….Ikhyd. Is that not considered child abuse?? Why would a mother do that to her baby? Oh is he going to have a hard time in school or what? M.I.A. I hope you have a better nickname picked out for the boy.

Mr. nice guy, David Cook, has had enough. He has sent a message to his over aggressive fans on his MySpace blog basically asking his overzealous fans to back off. He does not mind being accessible to the fans but he would like some privacy and wants fans who are trying to find his hotels,  and calling his hotel rooms, and attaching things to his bus to please STOP!!! He also warns that if these fans don’t stop they might end up ruining it for others and they will pull back on their accessibility. Good for you David!