Hollywood Scandal and Hearbreak

There is shocking news to discuss about LeAnn Rimes and her costar Eddie Cibrian. The two are featured in the new US Magazine and there are pictures. The two who star together in a Lifetime Movie, were seen out for a romantic dinner in Laguna Beach and were seen kissing and holding hands as well. US Magazine is also reporting that a week after the dinner the couple spent 3 hours together at a hotel on March 14. This is not good news for Rimes who was married 7 years ago to her former backup dance, Dean Sheremet. At the time LeAnn was just 19 and Dean was 21.  In response to all the rumors flying around, LeAnn writes on her blog, “This is a difficult time for me and my loved ones, but I appreciate all your continued support.” She also says that “I would like to assure all of you that this is a place for you to hear things directly from me and as you all know, not everything in our lives is always black and white. Have faith”.

Some shocking and sad news to report, Natasha Richardson has died from her injuries sustained in a fall while skiing on Monday in Canada. This is a shocking and tragic turn of events. Natasha was just 45 and leaves behind her two boys and husband, Liam Neeson. What a horrible freak accident. I am just so saddened for her family. They have released a statement saying, “they are profoundly grateful for the support, love and prayers of everyone and ask for privacy during this difficult time.” After just reading this information myself, I feel that is all that I will write for tonight. There just seems like there is nothing more to say at the moment