Serious ski injury for Natasha Richardson

There is some sad news for Natasha Richardson. The actress was in a serious accident while skiing with friends and family on Monday in Canada. At this point there really isn’t much that is known except that her condition is very serious. Natasha was skiing and took a fall but nothing out of the ordinary at the time. She has been taking a beginners ski lesson and she fell. “She didn’t hit anyone or anything” and it seemed to be a pretty typical fall.  She even seemed ok after the fall. She walked away and was talking. Approximately an hour later though, she started complaining of headaches and she was immediately taken to a hospital in Montreal. From there she was transferred to a hospital in New York City where she was met by her husband Liam Neeson, and her mother Vanessa Redgrave. IT was said at the time of her lesson she was not wearing a helmet. We will just have to wait for more news.  For the sake of her family and her two children I do hope she will be just fine.

In music news the Counting Crows have split with their record label of 18 years. The band wants to do things right now that their current label will not allow them do to. The band had worked with Geffen Records for all these years and is grateful for the times they shared. Things have changed though over the years and right now the band wants to focus on the opportunities that the internet can provide for them. They are very excited about what they may be able to do and also very thankful to the people of Geffen who have helped make them be so successful. One of the first things they are going to do as a “gift” to their fans is that they are going to offer a free download this week only of their song “Borderline”. You can go to their official website for the download. Awfully nice way to start thing out on your own boys.

Here is an update on our 2 favorite bad girls, Amy Winehouse and Lindsay Lohan. First off, good news for Lindsay .After hearing from Lindsay’s lawyer about how well she has been doing on probation as well as showing proof the judge removed her arrest warrant. Lindsay’s’ lawyer said it was all just a misunderstanding. Amy Winehouse was also back in court today in regards to an alleged assault in London back in September 2008. At the hearing Amy plead not guilty and a trial date has been set for July 23, 2009. Ok ladies behave yourselves and try to stay out of any more trouble.