Oscar Surprise Party

Imagine, Prince’s surprise when he read in the paper that he was hosting an Oscar party this year and he was the last to know about it. It’s true, while Prince was in the middle of rehearsing with his band,  he read the story in the paper that claimed he was “throwing the Oscar bash of the century”.  The funny thing is, that it sounded so good in writing he actually decided to do it.  Ironically, he even had someone call to RSVP to his non- party. How embarrassing huh? Luckily Prince has practice  throwing Oscar parties since he had a big bash last year and was able to put it all together quite quickly.  The good news for us about this party is that for the first time it will actually be televised on Princes new website, LotusFlow3r.com.  Prince will also perform at his party.  Some of last year’s big names to attend were, Stevie Wonder, John Legend an P. Diddy.

There is a lot of competition for the Oscar Party guests. Typically there are 4 major events on that night including Elton John’s annual party that benefits the AIDS Foundation, as well as the annual Governors Ball and the Vanity Fair Party. There is also a new party in town that is  hosted by Madonna, Demi Moore and Guy Oseary, Madonna’s manager. This will be their second year throwing their party. Hollywood is also scaling back this year  with the overall theme being “throw a party, have fun, but don’t do too much.” Hollywood is trying to be sensitive to the economic crisis as it is also experiencing its share of cutbacks and layoffs as well. Don’t fret though, there will be plenty of parties and entertainment for the stars this year including many other  pre -Oscar parties going on Friday and Saturday night. I am sure Hollywood’s scaling back is way different from mine and your definitions of scaling back.

Two other bits of Oscar news.  It is being reported that if Heath Ledger wins an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor, his daughter Matilda will receive it when she turns 18.  Until then it will be held in trust by her mother Michelle Williams. And if you have been sitting on the edge of your seat wondering if John Mayer would be attending the big event with his on and off again girlfriend, Jennifer Aniston, you can be rest assured he will be there. He is very excited and it will be his first time attending the event.