Valentine?s Day Couples

How sweet are the President and First Lady who headed back to Chicago for Valentine’s Day? The two dined at Chicago’s TABLE Fifty – Two where dinner was prepared by Chef, Art Smith. The couple dined on crispy catfish and pistachio chicken, and they may have even snuck in a piece of gooey crunchy pecan pie. It seems that in order to stay in touch with friends and keep the family grounded the First Family plans to fly home about every 6 weeks to Chicago. Hmmm… I wonder who pays for those trips home on Air Force One. Don’t get me wrong, I am happy for the love birds to have a romantic dinner together in their home town, and I love the Obama’s, I was just curious.

So did cupid’s arrow hit Katy Perry and Benji Madden this past Valentine’s Day? IT seems that the couple was spotted getting pretty cozy after Katy’s show at the Hard Rock Hotel’s Wasted Space. Hmmm…I wonder what Paris Hilton was up to last night? Stay tuned to see if there might be more to this budding romance.

 Although he wasn’t sharing the specifics, Tom Cruise was feeling the love while he shared that he had something very special planned for his wife this Valentine’s Day. In fact he shared that news 3 weeks ago at his premier for his new movie, Valkyire. I just can’t wait to hear what he did for Katie. As soon as I hear anything I will be sure to share. And then Jessica Simpson was finally all smiles after a difficult few weeks. She had her #1 man, Tony Romo, in the audience at her Valentine’s Day show in Rochester, NY, and on several occasions she gave him a few, I Love You shout outs. Good for you Jess!