Celebrity News Updates

After his appearance last night on the David Letterman show, we can only hope that Joaquin Phoenix is putting on an act. I have never seen anything like that on television before. Dave was the consummate professional but it was honestly painful to watch. Joaquin walked out in dark sunglasses and proceeded to barely even make eye contact with Dave or the audience. All his answers were, yes, no or I don’t know. He could barely name the two costars in his upcoming movie, “Two Lovers”, that he was there to promote. Dave continued to plow through the longest 10 ½ minutes of television I have seen. The silence and awkwardness was a bit alarming. If this was really him, Phoenix seems to be in big trouble. If he was acting he needs to know although a bit amusing perhaps not the best career move. After making a comment about him chewing gum, Phoenix seemed a bit miffed, took out his gum and stuck under Dave’s desk. As soon as the interview was over Phoenix jumped out of his chair and started to leave. IT was just very bizarre.

In another story we just can’t seem to get enough about, the latest news from the Octuplet camp, is that if you feel compelled to donate to their cause you can now do so with your credit card on the website that the mom now set up. So far they haven’t said how much has been collected, only that offers keep coming for donations of clothes and cribs for the newborns as well as things for her other 6 children. On the flip side of people who are being very generous there are those who have sent death threats to the mom as well as her publicist. Ok really, that seems to be going a bit overboard people. What’s done is done now the focus must be on helping those 14 children regardless of what you think of the mother.

And finally, a friend of Chris Brown is saying how Chris feels badly about the whole alleged assault incident with his girlfriend Rihanna. Oh how nice for him. I mean come on, doesn’t that seem obvious that he would feel badly. I would hope he feels really really really badly for what he did. The newest information is that Rihanna had a black eye, a split lip as well as contusions on her face. No wonder the poor girl keeps cancelling concerts.  At this point it is still unknown if the two have spoken and what the status of their relationship is. I will keep you posted.