Country Music Fan Loses it during Concert


I have 2 things to share with you today and I admit they are totally unrelated but so bizarre I had to comment on both. First off, during one of Toby Keith’s concerts this weekend in Kentucky a fan went crazy. And here is where my two stories do have a common thread and that is you will wonder hopefully like I did….what are people thinking honestly???!!!! So Toby Keith is in the middle of a concert and out of nowhere a “fan” gives the singer the finger and throws a beer on stage. How crazy is that? Well Toby Keith was having none of that, he literally jumped off the stage and started yelling at the guy, calling him a “punk ass mother F—k–.” Thankfully the man decided to back down and security quickly escorted him out of the concert. Toby Keith then went on to apologize to his audience and told them he had “never acted like that before”. The rest of the concert went on as planned and no arrests were made. I just don’t get why people act that way. Do they think it’s cool? Why pay all that money to go to the concert only to be thrown out? Crazy!


And speaking of crazy here is another odd story.  After hearing that one of the students at a middle school in Nevada City, California was pregnant the guidance counselor took it upon himself to pull the 12 year old allegedly pregnant girl out of her classroom and forced her to take a pregnancy test!! The girl did not want to take the test and insisted that she was not pregnant, that it was just some kid spreading rumors but the counselor still forced her to take the test. The counselor got the test from the nurse (that is a whole other story why does a nurse in a middle school have a pregnancy test in her office?) and had the girl turn in her sample on the stick. Thankfully for the little girl the test was negative but can you even imagine the humiliation and embarrassment she endured? Well you can imagine that the girl’s parents slapped a law suit on the school so quickly and we will just have to wait and see what happens, but again, what was that counselor thinking and who did he think he was that he could ask a student to take a pregnancy test…unbelievable!!!