Big Trouble for Chris Brown


So much for anonymity, the victim involved in the Chris Brown assault charge is no other then his famous girlfriend, Rihanna. It seems that the 2 were fighting inside a car on Sunday morning and the argument got worse once the two stepped outside the car. The police said that “the woman suffered visible injuries and identified Brown as her attacker.” Once source even claims that she “suffered contusions and bite marks.” Bite marks…really…is Chris Brown 4 years old? Originally the LA PD were very firm on the fact that they would not release the name of the victim and they said this over and over but low and behold the information got out that it indeed was Rihanna. The police were called via a 911 call but by the time they reached the scene of the altercation Chris Brown was nowhere to be found.


 Brown did eventually turn himself into police and was released on $50,000 bail. Due to this unfortunate incident, at the very last minute, Rihanna, who was scheduled to perform at last night’s Grammy’s, did not attend or perform at the show. It might be time for look for a new beau. The couple has been very up and down lately. Sometimes they seemed very much in love and other times they seemed tonight nonstop. It’s a shame because together they are quite the young musical couple. Brown is only 19, yet he released his first album when he was just 16. His hit single “Run IT” was at the top of the charts for a while. Rihanna is just 20 and she has already had 4 #1 singles and has already received a Grammy Award for her single “Umbrella” back in 2007. Do the right thing Rihanna, find yourself a nice guy who can control his temper and keep his hands to himself.